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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Cbd arthritis pain relief cream recipe

oil content cbd list rick simpson



  • oil content cbd list rick simpson
  • FAQ about RSO
  • Starting Material
  • Cannabis oils may contain various concentrations of CBD, . The fact that the maximum CBD content in an oil is limited by the THC present in. Making Rick Simpson Oil simply and better, best strains to use, cancer research Purple Kush Indica strain- with a THC content of 22%. It routinely figures in 'top 10 most powerful strains in the world' lists, has a euphoric. WHAT DO I NEED TO PRODUCE RICK SIMPSON OIL? .. The only difference is , you will be using strains high in CBD content, instead of strains that contain a.

    oil content cbd list rick simpson

    Cannabis oil is a natural treatment for cancer without any side effect. Taking a closer look at this recipe, I must admit the use of such solvents makes me a bit nervous. Is it possible to just steep the buds and leaves as a tea like when making sun brewed iced tea? I assume perhaps this method produces a higher amount of THC released from the plant when drawn out by the isopropyl which perhaps might be more appropriate for fighting back cancer or any precursors for those at high risk I suppose.

    This isopropyl alcohol, I assume is the same isopropyl alcohol used most commonly as an antiseptic as is found in alcohol swabs or what used to get used to clean wounds, until further research discovered it also acted as an irritant.

    But still, how much worse than can it be than chemo? I was going to say it surely cannot be anywise than using chemo alone. I suppose just steeping the buds in hot water and drinking it as a tea is out of the question or what? I live in Queensland, Australia. They have legalized it for Ltd use. But to get it is almost impossible due to LONG paperwork. We have been using cannabis oil with a 1: The medication is working with super proof. We recommend you visit AnnCannMed for your health prescriptions and medical purchases and feel support talking to licensed physicians.

    Your advise was very helpful. I did just as you suggested and have received my medicines from them without any headaches. You were right, they are quite professional. A close relative was on her last leg with her stage 4 cancer. She had collapsed due to a mass on her neck that had restricted her airway. This was her fighting chance and today her scans are clear.

    Her doctor stated that their is no cure for her cancer…. You see it online or read an article here and there about these incredible stories and you choose to believe them or not, but I witnessed this with my own eyes. And let me tell you, it works. I never received anything from Rick Simpson.

    This guy should be ashamed of himself and should be in jail for scamming people who have cancer! I got some of this for my brother who was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. My question is will it show a positive THC result in a mouth swab test.

    Thanks for any info. I ordered from this company which ships globally very discretely, high quality fresh rick Simpson oil. We ordered it for my father in law who has liver cancer. Comes in the mail this week. It comes in a suppository, we ordered a 90 day supply. So happy to be almost completely pain free everyday.

    Thanks to them I can treat my disease without taking basically speed. My life, appetite, and overall happiness has improved a lot: My mother in law is suffering from Parkinson Disease and I feel that she is being given too much dopamine causing hallucinations daily.

    Can anyone recommend anything to help her tremors to avoid too much medication? Going to be trying it for the first time tonight. I deal with a LOT of pain and have been mostly horizontal for months now. I have procedures set up to try to improve by low back pain and then it will leave me with just my fibro pain and whatever further deterioration occurs in my spine. Cannabis is the most important medicine in the world and its total range of benefits are not known.

    What is know is that big pharma hates it because almost anyone can grow it almost anywhere and it does no harm. As the Earth Protector founder, based in Minnesota, I know this is true from decades of use and study. Has it helped anyone or does anyone have any advice or suggestions? I do live in a state where it is legal. I have a personal story to tell about the use of Cannabis. A goody 2 shoes. I was finally diagnosed after months of misdiagnoses , in mid September with metastatic colon cancer…Stage 4…inoperable lesions all over my liver, multiple tumors through my body cavity, in the soaz muscle, etc: I had surgery where 2 feet of colon was removed along with my right ovary, appendix and all the tumors except those in the liver.

    After lots of research, we decided to do the Rick Simpson Oil treatment…at the same time as chemo. And I had to buy a whole pound of high quality bud…I started speaking the language of drug dealers! I had to boil it down I used Naptha and guess on the dosing. How big is a short grain of rice? Unscientific but no other way!!!

    I was scheduled for 12 infusions. Chemo hit me hard. I got every side effect listed for each of the poisons in my infusions. But I managed, despite staying on the sofa, uncomfortably high, for 3 months, I managed to kick this.

    I slept like a baby. But I got other nasty side effects from the chemo. So the Dr stopped chemo after 6 infusions because of the severe side effects…he said he nearly killed me. I got a clear PET scan. No sign of disease. No sign of cancer. Tumors in liver had shrunk and are not active. Of course, the Dr insists it will come back. More good news, Feb 15, My tumor markers were in September, in January, and now are Incidentally, I had a droopy eye that tightened up.

    And it appears that it also cured my hyperthyroidism …waiting on bloodwork now. People are calling me…neighbors, friends, strangers! A man with terminal kidney cancer metastasized all over…given weeks to live… is improving and Dr is stunned, saying maybe more weeks.

    Another man, 82, Stage 4 kidney cancer was sent home from the hospital on a Saturday morning 2 weeks ago…to die. He started his RSO on Saturday night. Doc was shocked when he showed up for radiation Monday morning. His kidneys had shut down, legs and feet so swollen they looked about to burst, but then he started peeing again. That week he improved and got 16 more treatments. He went from poor condition to fair. He continues to improve and is at home now, still getting his chemo and radiation, but also on a good dose of RSO.

    For those who worry about getting addicted or Cannabis leading to other drug use-fake news! Your story is a God-send! My husband also has stage 4 inoperable colon cancer. He is 3 weeks into cannabis treatment and his CEA has dropped 20 points. We were praying about stopping chemo for the summer so he could have energy to swim and play with our 2 preteen boys since chemo really wipes him out. We were thinking we were on the right track since his liver function test is suddenly almost normal as well.

    This gives me more hope that it will continue to go down and we might truly have a normal summer!! Praise God — Thank you for sharing! Do not stop the oil. He really needs 3 full gram courses. Break from chemo yes. Break from cannabis NO. We live in Oregon so blessed to be able to grow our own legally. Lots of folks have repeated chemo that becomes stronger each and every time, including bone marrow stem cell transplants.

    So I figured working on strengthening my immune system and fighting the inflammation of the cancer with RSO and a whole host of natural healings such as Traditional Chinese Medicine where cannabis has been used for ever , acupuncture, essential oils, herbs, and of course a big change in lifestyle, diet and stress.

    BTW We use an organic everclear alcohol rather than the other solvents mentioned. My 15 yo son is having a brain biopsy Wednesday. They found two very small lesions on his brain MRI on February 8th. He was in remission for 17 months from CNS Germinoma and left wuth Adrenal Insufficiency, Diabetes ibsipidus along with growth disturbances. November scan was clear so we thought it was an inner ear problem.

    I live in Indiana…its on the desk they say, they may have talks to legalize for medical only they say. I will do whatever it takes to help my son gave the best possibility of survival as a recurrent germ cell brain tumor is an angry cancer. My heart goes out to you for sharing. The obvious answer is to get your family to a state that has modern medicine.

    Francis hospital in Indianapolis is who I would talk to in person if possible to the Chaplain. If medical marijuana helped him get out of critical care before, then there is no moral excuse for anyone preventing a mother from getting that plant oil.

    The weight fluctuation is alarming. Growth hormone therapy could be a disaster with the rest of these symptoms. Severe vertigo, if that is properly diagnosed, is caused by inflammation of the optic nerve. Optic neuritis is a diagnosis that could lead to other conclusions and away from some dangerous treatment. A change in diet could eliminate some possibilities and reduce inflammation which is what is happening with the cannabinoids in medical cannabis and if it helped him before that is the action.

    Remove dairy products from your house. Cut out most meat. Cut out all pork and processed food. Let him lead the way on what he likes to eat. He is more likely to eat foods that are easier to digest.

    He is very likely having digestive problems related to other symptoms. In the meantimes, Indiana is not gong to offer anything directly for some time. Neighboring Illinois does have quality medical cannabis products. If you could find a way to migrate one state over most of your problems are solved when it comes to medical marijuana.

    You also do have representation in Congress. Your local representative needs to hear from you. If you can meet the person, then all the better. Share your story and the urgency. He or she can, whether they know it or not, introduce a private bill that would allow just you to have medical marijuana provided by the Federal government to your home for free. Whether that representative in congress agrees with the science on marijuana or not, they are still bound under the constitution of Federal and State law to represent their constituents.

    In reality that takes an incredible amount of energy. I would instead contact them and ask for their direct help. Save your energy for your kids and yourself. What does you doctor recommend? They are just hands in the air clueless? Is this some sort of Obamacare doctor? Believe me, I am more upset than anyone with the quality of overall medical care in America right now, and how it varies greatly from one place to the next.

    Some of the doctors are not qualified to work in a pet store. When you find a doctor you can trust, hold on to them like family. Move to a legal state where you have family or friends established. Illinois would be closest. Michigan has a good program. All the West Coast programs are the best. Maine has a very good program and Massachusetts is coming along. They have the oil you need. New Jersey does as well and they are expanding. Florida voted in medical but reports say its the worst in the nation so far and Minnesota and New York was already very bad.

    I would call St. THANK you so much for the information!! It will be easier to fight and kill if the brain shows positive for cancer due to know metastisis. This is also great as is his mood. I will update when results come back possibly today, probably Monday. I was hit by a drunk driver in I deal with a level of pain, which many people do..

    Or better yet, insurance coverage for a natural medicine that works would be amazing! I will be very grateful for help. Truly the CBD save me a lot of pain that I had before. What do you offer? I live in Los Angeles and I can get marijuana from the store.

    RSO I need to make it by myself? Can I purchase it ready? I just want to get better and back to my perfect health again. Gives many alchemy recipes. Most likely the same place Rick Simpson read the recipe that he claims he re-discovered with no chemical background.

    Everything I see is about cancer and I have already beat breast cancer twice. I now use cannabis vape oil for Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome and it has allowed me to cut my opiate use;hopefully to zero someday. My grandmother had leukemia in the mid-seventies and when I took her to UC Davis they offered a Marijuana derivative as part of her treatment.

    But back to my question; Rick Simpson started with Tinnitus and attempting to treat that. I have terrible tinnitus, vertigo and nausea. Does anybody know anything relating to treatment for tinnitus? My friends daughter had breast cancer at 29 they removed. Both breasts and gave her new ones she got cancer again stage 4 this time and said no more chemo i will die so i told my friend about the hemp and gave her specific instructions to follow what i said to a t.

    And 3 months later she is cancer free to this day and this was over a year ago. This has to be better for me than the 27 prescription pills I take daily! So how do you go about obtaining a pound of indica material without getting caught? Is it seeds, stems, leaves? Also, if you take this, does it show up on drug tests as you taking a drug? I thought I was having a stroke. It took me 2 hours to be able to make some noise for my son to hear me.

    He called and they knew immediately that I did not have a stroke. Have any of you ever heard of this type of reaction? The only reason I was trying it was because I have severe anxiety and insomnia. I am 71 years old weigh pounds and still work. I just wanted to sleep. Please point me in the right direction to find out what happened to me. I saw her wither to a mere shell of herself over the last 6 months of her life. She lost her memories, her dignity, and her recognition of family and friends.

    The last time I saw her smile was on Memorial Day, , when I took her dog to visit her. The pharmaceutical medications only worked for about 18 months, but left her with horrible side effects such as gagging, explosive diarrhea, and weight loss.

    She dissolved from pounds to Are these appropriate varieties to use for RSO? What are the very best varieties to use? I am sharing a current experience. I recently had brain surgery for Moderate size Cyst. I started RSO Not for cancer, but for pain control. It was a full spectrum CBD: THC made with high potency bud.

    Six days after brain surgery I stopped the opiates for pain and started tincture of ml CBD: First visit with Dr. Jeff Waters is who helped me. Inc omplete article, rick simpson oil require all parts of the plant for it to work in healing disease. Most of the healing comes from the chlorophyll, thc and cbds are the helpers that treat the symptoms, chlorophyll does the dna repair.

    Thc and cbd are acidic and chlorophyll is alkaline, healing happens in alkaline stat e. Using thc or cbd alone on treats symptoms. In my state we do have Medical Marijuana in place and getting a recommendation and signature from a requisite Dr. What is hard is the price. You do the math. Not cheap and when your health insurance company will pay for all the federally legal drugs you can consume, RSO is, for now, not covered. In the near future I hope to see these restrictions abolished completely, which are preventing us from doing further research in the proper way.

    But this will only happen, once we can rid ourselves of all the corruption that still stands in our path, regarding the free growing and medicinal use of this plant. Often I am contacted by people who want to know my opinion about other extraction methods, which involve the use of expensive complicated equipment, but since I do not have any experience using these methods, I really do not feel qualified to answer such questions. If anyone truly feels the need to know more about these other more complicated methods, then I feel that they should contact individuals, who use these different processes to perform their extractions.

    The simple method to produce these extracts which I showed the public, was designed to produce this medicinal oil in a very pure state, using equipment that can often be found in many homes. Due to the fact that I was usually dealing with patients who had serious medical disorders, I needed to provide them with the most medicinally active and purest oils possible.

    Extracts produced in this manner proved to be very effective in the treatment of a vast array of medical difficulties, so due to its simplicity this is the method that I decided to show the public. In my opinion, doing extractions with olive oil and other substances such as butter, may produce a substance that could work quite well to treat less serious external medical problems such as skin conditions.

    But when it comes to treating serious internal conditions, I would prefer that patients ingest the oil in its purest form. They will probably find that they will begin to spend more and more time in the bathroom, due to the effects of the olive oil. The protocol which I developed calls for the patient to ingest 1 gram or 1 ml of high grade oil every 24 hours, once they have built up their tolerance for this medication, which usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to accomplish.

    Now just imagine the dosage which would be required to achieve the same results, if the medicinal resins were mixed with olive oil and think about the effects that ingesting large amounts of olive oil could have on the patient. As I have already stated olive oil extractions may have their uses, but if for some reason I felt the need to mix the medicinal resins with olive oil, I would produce the oil properly first and I would then add whatever amount of olive oil I felt was required.

    In my opinion olive oil extractions and processes of that nature, produce substances which are much less medicinally active than the pure oil itself, so in most cases I see no need for anyone to produce their medication in this manner.

    Some people have reported that they have achieved good results by performing water extractions, to remove the medicinal resins and if this is really true, I would have to agree that this method would indeed be much safer. But many years ago I tried to perform two water extractions myself that proved to be complete failures, when compared with the methods I use, which employ the use of solvents instead of water.

    When I performed these water extractions, I was only able to obtain about half the amount of resins, which would have been present if I had done the extractions, using solvents to extract the same plant material.

    In addition the resulting resin from the water extractions, seemed to have lost some of the attributes which the resins would normally have. Such as their ability to stick together as the resins normally should, when one applies heat and pressure with their hands to combine them.

    If you have pure resins available, it usually requires little effort to form the resins into what is commonly referred to as being hashish.

    But when I tried to do the same with resins obtained from water extractions, no matter how hard I tried the resins refused to stick together. I am not as yet sure how this would affect the medicinal qualities of these resins, but in my opinion if the resins refuse to combine with each other, then I think that there is something lacking and this could very well have an effect on their medical qualities.

    As I have already stated I have only tried to perform water extractions twice and since at that time, there was not much information available on this subject to go by, perhaps I did not perform the extractions properly. With the poor results I achieved, I saw no reason to continue trying to use this process, but today using more up to date information, one may indeed be able to have much better results. Other than this there is nothing more which I can tell you in regards to performing water extractions, but if better methods can truly make water extractions viable, then I think that it would be something worth looking into.

    Some people tend to believe that it is a good idea to break the bud material up into tiny pieces, by putting it through an electric blender or some such device to perform the task. Many years ago when I first started producing the oil I tried this method myself, but I found that often by doing this that one can lose some of the medicinally active cannabinoids. When the blender is breaking the dry bud up into tiny particles, the medicinal resins can take on the form of a very fine powder and most blenders or devices of this nature, will allow some of this fine powder to escape.

    Therefore to produce the oil and to prevent this from happening, I prefer to use the buds in their natural state to perform extractions, rather than having the buds ground up into tiny particles. In addition when I performed extractions using powdered buds, the resulting oils did not seem to have as much medicinal potency, when compared to oils which were manufactured from bud material that had not been ground up.

    While it is true that quite often one may be able to obtain what they perceive as being more oil, by grinding the buds up in a blender before extracting the oil. The extra amount of oil they obtain will probably prove to be just unwanted plant material, which has little or no medicinal value at all.

    It is really up to the person who is producing the oil as to what method they will chose to use, but in my opinion if you wish to obtain oils which have the highest medicinal qualities possible, then I would not tamper with the bud material in any way.

    I have stated that the method I use destroys the natural terpenes and flavonoids, which many seem to feel the oil should contain. Since it is true that my methods do eliminate most of the natural terpenes and flavonoids, I feel that this is necessary because if the terpenes and other substances are not removed, their presence often tends to give the resulting oil a very bad taste. Due to the fact that the finished oils which I produced contained little or no natural terpenes or flavonoids and patients have had such wonderful results with their use, it appears to me that the medicinal qualities of these terpenes and flavonoids might be somewhat over rated.

    There are those who seem to believe that juicing the bud material and ingesting what results, could in some way produce better medicinal qualities than even the oil which I have showed the public how to manufacture, but I strongly disagree. The cannabis plant draws up toxins from the ground or growing medium, which it is planted in and in most cases it is very hard to grow or to purchase good bud material, which does not contain at least some mold or mildew, which I feel that no one should ingest.

    In addition there is no heat involved with juicing, therefore there is no decarboxylation taking place, so how could juicing the bud material provide a more medicinal substance, than the oil which I showed the public how to manufacture?

    When one produces the oil following my instructions, any danger present in the plant material due to mold or other toxins is eliminated. You should also keep in mind the fact that often tiny insects can be found in even the best bud material. But the process that I use also eliminates this problem and of course the resulting oil has been decarboxylated properly.

    So unless someone out there, can disprove what I am saying and back their statements up with proof to that effect. Quite often I have been contacted by individuals, who seem to have a problem with the simple methods I used to show the public, in regards to performing an oil extraction properly, using everyday items which most of us have access to. They complain about such things as my use of plastic buckets instead of stainless steel containers or the fact that I am not telling the public that they must use distilling devices etc.

    But the simple fact is that most of us do not have the money to purchase such things and even if we did, the vast majority of people, do not know how to use distilling devices and lab equipment properly anyway. Even though I agree that the use of proper equipment is a good idea, when you have little money and do not have the time to find better equipment to perform extractions, I think that it is a good idea to follow the instructions which I have provided.

    So to make things much easier for those who wish to produce small quantities of oil for their own use, I felt that it was necessary for me to show the public, how to produce this oil in the simplest way possible and the results which patients have achieved by using these methods, speaks for itself.

    Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we are now receiving everyday, we are asking the public to please go over the information carefully that has just been recently updated on this website and this should enable most, to find the answers to whatever questions they may have. After harvest, the plant material was air -dried in. Dr ied flowers were manicured to re move leaves. The plant material was homogenized. Petroleum ether boiling point Nap htha light hydrotrea t-.

    Deuterated chloroform CDCl3 was f rom. Cellulose filter paper for filtration of extracts was from Whatman. Detailed description of the five different protoco ls used for preparation of Cannabis oils. Before filtra t ion, let it. Evaporat e solvent in. Let the solution stand. Preheating of cannabis samples has been r ecommended. T herefore, we tested two. I in a water bath at a low boil temp. Unheated samples were used as a control for these. All experiments were done in duplicate.

    Subsequently, sa mples were extracted as pr eviously. Five di fferent extraction protocols for the preparation. Details are descr ibed in. These included a naphtha 1 and a petroleum. Simpson [12,13]; an ethanol extraction based on an. Chemically, naphtha and petroleum ether are ver y.

    B oth solvents may be purchased by inexperienced. All preparation methods consisted of only a few simple. For the ethanol extraction 3 we. Because of the heat applied during injection and sep a-. However, terpenes can be efficiently analyzed b y GC. The instrument was equipped.

    T he GC was. Cannabinoid profiles were studied in more detail by. HPLC, which e nables the d ifferentiationof acidic ca n-. Analyses were carried out. Full spectra were reco rded in. Chro matographic separation was. The mobile phase co nsis t-. After mai ntaining this conditio n for 1 min, the column. In the cannabis plant, cannabinoids are bios ynthesized.

    Preparation of cannabi s oil, mainly. For a more thorough decarbox y-. Besides cannabinoids, the cannabis plant contai ns a. Our te sts were i ntended to be t-. Figure 1A shows the cannabinoid profile of the dec a r-. Further conversion of THC into. Fig ures 1B and 1C show the terpene p rofile acquired in. After the more intense.

    As may be expected, the less volatile sesquite r-. However, most of them were lost in the. These data indicate t hat significant decarbo xylation of. However, under these conditions all major. Although milder d ecarboxylation using a boiling. For this reason, all. Analysis of the extracts: Analysis by HPLC to reveal the ratio between acidic. Results are shown in Figure 2A. Most extracts co n-. This is re markable because. P erhaps added chemicals e. Analysis of the extracts by GC indicated that t he major.

    This is in agreement with p revious. The extraction solvents showed co mparable efficiency. While this solvent gene r-. It is not known whether i these.

    Interestingly, t he use of petroleu m. The use of olive oil as extraction solvent was found to. This may be e x-. Treatment of the ethanolic extract with activated cha r-. For this reason, the use of charco al should not. Naphtha and petroleum ether are mixtures of various.

    All t he solvent co mp o-. Both naphtha and petro leum ether are co n-. Moreover, products sold as. For these reasons, the naphtha and petro leum. As may be e x-. In t he naphtha extract, based on GC. Reconfirmation using an actual patient sample. In o rder to confirm our experimental resul ts, we also.

    The patient was a The anal ytical results data not shown. Concentrated cannabis extracts, also known as Can n a-. Recognizing the need for. Based on the results of our preheating experiments,. Cannabis oils often claim the holis tic nature of cann a-. Retai ning the full spectrum of terpenes present. When comparing five methods of Cannabis oil prepar a-. Specifically t he prepar a-.

    Accord ing to the Simpson we b-. In other words, the curative pro p-. Che mical anal ysis of our laboratory sa m-. The potential harmful ef fects of these so lvent. It should be noted that as a result of sample viscosity,.

    In such a case, applying more heat will increase. For thi s reason, the. As extraction solvents for the production of Ca nnabis.

    Additionally, these solvents are not. Unfortunately, pure ethanol efficiently e x-. Removing chloro phyll by filtering the ethanol. Additionally, in most countries consumption -. Of the solvents tested, this leaves olive oil as the most. Olive oil is cheap, not flam mable or. After cooling d own and. In a follow-up study on the. LR was funded for t his research by the Puglia Italy.

    FAQ about RSO

    RSO is an acronym for Rick Simpson Oil and is one of the many forms of So in short, cannabis RSO can feature THC or CBD as its majority. Simpson had had success in treating other ailments in the past, and decided to try treating his skin cancer with high-THC cannabis oil. Simpson. If you're interested in learning how to make Rick Simpson Oil on are usually found in a 1 milliliter syringe, but the contents of each is very different. on the skin, anal suppository, vaginal suppository and the list goes on.

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