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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Direction Pushes Kohnstamms Thomas Heady into a Lake City Traditional Book Marketing



  • Direction Pushes Kohnstamms Thomas Heady into a Lake City Traditional Book Marketing
  • great ice great ice
  • In the city
  • 5 days ago As cannabis makes its way into mainstream American advertising spaces, it's becoming increasingly popular to see its marketing Thomas Kohnstamm's Lake City Pushes Traditional Book Marketing into a Heady Direction. As the artist explains, the book therefore became “a volume of loss, Lake City Pushes Traditional Book Marketing into a Heady Direction. colourmetro.info Thomas Kohnstamm's Lake City Pushes Traditional Book Marketing into a Heady Direction. As cannabis makes its way into mainstream American.

    Direction Pushes Kohnstamms Thomas Heady into a Lake City Traditional Book Marketing

    For the Pomerantz family, the most disturbing mystery at the moment is the identity and the intentions of their new neighbor, in this eBook original short story—a prequel to The City, the gripping and moving new novel by Dean Koontz.

    The year is Malcolm Pomerantz is twelve, geeky and socially awkward, while his seriously bright sister, Amalia, is spirited and beautiful. But even the troubled Pomerantz household will seem to be a haven compared to the house next door, after an enigmatic and very secretive new neighbor takes up residence in the darkest hours of the night.

    The City of Brass: Best Newcomer Featuring a stepback and extra content including a bonus scene and an excerpt from The Kingdom of Copper. Read it and find out! It is just after Labour Day and the city is kicking into gear. Greene is no stranger to the worst of what the city has to offer, but even he is unprepared for what happens next when he stumbles upon a horrific homicide.

    In one nightmare moment his world is flipped upside down. Tied down on house arrest as he awaits his trial, Greene has to find a way to clear his name, and also must face some very hard truths: The fate of New Orleans rests in the hands of a wayward grifter in this novel of gods, games, and monsters. Street magician Jude Dubuisson is likewise burdened by his past and by the consequences of the storm, because he has a secret: Jude has been lying low since the storm, which caused so many things to be lost that it played havoc with his magic, and he is hiding from his own power, his divine former employer, and a debt owed to the Fortune god of New Orleans.

    But his six-year retirement ends abruptly when the Fortune god is murdered and Jude is drawn back into the world he tried so desperately to leave behind. A world full of magic, monsters, and miracles. In the gritty seventies, Manhattan is a dark, dangerous, and threatening place.

    One of the bright spots in this decaying metropolis is Paul Konig. In shadowy back alleys, crumbling brownstones, and gleaming skyscrapers, cities harbor unique forms of terror.

    Here lie malicious ghosts, cursed buildings, malignant deities, and personal demons of every kind. Far worse than mythical creatures such as vampires and werewolves, these are horrors that lurk in the places you go every day—where you would never expect to find them. With the help of her friends, she quickly identifies a few possibilities: Every Bride Has Her Day: The small mountain town of Nugget, California, has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over—and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Maddy Breyer needs to prove she can make her own life after betrayal blew up her previous happily-ever-after.

    Staying totally focused on renovating a decrepit mansion into a bed-and-breakfast might help her—and this recession-hit town—finally turn things around. But the mysterious new sheriff is the kind of lawbreaking temptation that's an even bigger challenge to resist Detective Rhys Shepard is only back in Nugget long enough to care for his ailing father.

    He's got a big-city promotion far away from this place that never accepted him. He does not need a sudden crime wave to solve. Or one leggy case of heartbreak stirring up all kinds of trouble and challenging his rules. Which might explain why he's suddenly finding it hard to leave Nugget, California is a charming small town filled with inventive characters and sweet romance.

    Ombria in Shadow Patricia A. And somewhere in between, the struggle to rule the whole of Ombria—both its light and shadows—will rest in the hands of those whose fractured lives align like the lost pieces of a magical puzzle…. Perhaps only someone who has worked for almost a decade as a medic in New York City's Hell's Kitchen--as Joe Connelly has--could write a novel as riveting and fiercely authentic as Bringing Out the Dead. Like a front-line reporter, Connelly writes from deep within the experience, and the result is a debut novel of extraordinary power and intensity.

    Addicted to the thrill "the best drug in the world" and the mission of the job, Frank is nevertheless drowning in five years' worth of grief and guilt--his own and others': Now she's become the waking nightmare of all his failures: And in reaction to her death, Frank has desperately resurrected a patient back into a life now little better than death.

    In a narrative that moves with the furious energy of an ambulance run, we follow Frank through two days and nights: And we are with him as he faces his newest ghost: Bringing Out the Dead is a stunning novel. The acclaimed author of the intensely powerful novel Pretty Birds, Scott Simon now gives us a story that is both laugh-out-loud funny and heart-piercing—as sprawling and brawling as Chicago, where politics is a contact sport.

    The mayor of Chicago is found in his office late at night, sitting in his boxer shorts, facedown dead in a pizza. The mayor was a hero and a rascal: The Kingdom of Copper: Whisked from her home in Cairo, she was thrust into the dazzling royal court of Daevabad—and quickly discovered she would need all her grifter instincts to survive there. Born in a Small Town: Scott O'Halloran grew up there; he's been away for years, but now he's back. Everybody's wondering—especially Chrissie Harris.

    A cowboy town in cowboy country. Hannah Parrish loves it here. He wants to find a "nice, quiet Glory girl. After a lifetime of moving, she finally has a big house with a picket fence. To Kevin McNeil, that sounds like prison. They could walk away from each other right now—if they weren't falling in love…. Newly arrived in Claremont, Alabama, she might finally have the chance to find that—and more. Handsome Titus Jameson and his daughter, Savannah, immediately capture Isabella's attention.

    The motherless child reminds Isabella of herself growing up, and she's determined to help bring the little girl out of her shell. But Isabella has been keeping a secret from the man she's fallen for—and she's torn. She knows telling him the real reason she came to Claremont is the right thing to do—but revealing the truth could break everyone's hearts.

    For three months, the two live quietly. But when Al is pulled from his duties at Party Central to investigate a murder, an unexpected discovery leads him in a new direction, where his loyalties and beliefs will be severely tested. Soon he is involved in a terrifying mystery that draws in the dead, the City's Incan forefathers, the imposing figure of The Cardinal, and the near-mythical assassin Paucar Wami.

    Wami is a law unto himself, a shadowy, enigmatic figure who can apparently kill anyone he chooses without fear of punishment or retribution.

    And Al is about to find out that he has a lot more in common with Wami than he could ever have imagined The Detroit Riot the Windsor Psych Ward When the chips are down in the motor cities, where does crazy go to hang its hat? The thrilling new novel featuring Jack West, Jr. A shadow world behind the real world When Jack West, Jr. A world with its own history, rules and prisons Now these dark forces are coming after Jack That is reaching into our world This is the fifth novel in the Bluegrass Brothers Series.

    With their lives in danger, will Gemma and Cy be able to discover themselves and true love? Nugget, California, is a spot-in-the-road that's easy to miss.

    But this little mountain town knows how to give the struggling and discouraged many paths back to happiness—and love… Reporter Harlee Roberts is used to finding the story, not living it. Unfortunately, losing her dream job and glittering city life means she needs a serious rewrite.

    Downtime at her parents' cabin in Nugget is a break she could really use. All he wants is solitude, to mind his own business—and for Harlee to mind hers. Still, her live-wire personality and take-no-prisoners commitment to those she cares about are a temptation pulling him way too close. Is their connection strong enough to survive his secrets—and risk a future together?

    A tightly woven spiderweb of plot and a rich cast of characters make this a truly gripping read. A novel based on real events and newly declassified documents, Magic City is to Miami what L. Confidential and Chinatown were to Los Angeles.

    It evokes a time in our nation's history when powerful men were willing to do whatever they thought necessary to achieve their goals. On Bernadine Brown's fifty-second birthday she received an unexpected gift—she caught her husband, Leo, cheating with his secretary. She was hurt—angry, too—but she didn't cry woe is me. Having been raised in the church, she knew that when much is given much is expected, so she asked God to send her a purpose.

    The Cherry Tree Cafe: Cupcakes, crafting and love at The Cherry Tree Cafe Perfect feel-good summer reading for fans of Great British Bake-Off Lizzie Dixon's life feels as though it's fallen apart. Instead of the marriage proposal she was hoping for from her boyfriend, she is unceremoniously dumped, and her job is about to go the same way. So, there's only one option: With a new venture and a new home, things are looking much brighter for Lizzie. But can she get over her broken heart, and will an old flame reignite a love from long ago?

    Drop in for a minute, and the fabulous world of the crafting cafe wraps itself around you, pulling you in right from the first page. Beautifully written, with a heroine I rooted for all the way, and a great supporting cast. But this is a border crossing like no other, a journey as psychic as it is physical, a seeing of the unseen.

    What stands against them are murderous powers in Beszel and in Ul Qoma: City of Lost Dreams: Meanwhile, Nicolas Pertusato, in London in search of an ancient alchemical cure for the girl, discovers an old enemy is one step ahead of him. In Prague, Prince Max tries to unravel the strange reappearance of a long dead saint while being pursued by a seductive red-headed historian with dark motives of her own. But nothing will be more dangerous than the brilliant and vindictive villain who seeks to bend time itself.

    Sarah must travel deep into an ancient mystery to save the people she loves. City of Dark Magic: Soon after Sarah arrives, strange things begin to happen. She learns that her mentor, who was working at the castle, may not have committed suicide after all. Could his cryptic notes be warnings? She also catches the attention of a four-hundred-year-old dwarf, the handsome Prince Max, and a powerful U.

    And the story continues in City of Lost Dreams, the mesmerizing sequel, which finds Sarah in the heart of Vienna, embroiled in a new web of mystical secrets and treacherous lies. New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne welcomes you to Haven Point, a small town full of big surprises that are both merry and bright Nothing short of a miracle can restore Eliza Hayward's Christmas cheer. The job she pinned her dreams on has gone up in smoke—literally—and now she's stuck in an unfamiliar, if breathtaking, small town.

    Precariously close to being destitute, Eliza needs a hero, but she's not expecting one who almost runs her down with his car! Rescuing Eliza is pure instinct for tech genius Aidan Caine. At first, putting the renovation of his lakeside guest lodge in Eliza's hands assuages his guilt—until he sees how quickly he could fall for her. Having focused solely on his business for years, he never knew what his life was missing before Eliza, but now he's willing to risk his heart on a yuletide romance that could lead to forever.

    Between Hollywood glamour and small-town secrets, what is the truth? The show American Superstars is the hottest thing on television, but its associate producer, Mandalay Florentino, is worried. She's just arrived in the tiny town of Daily, Texas, to arrange a surprise "reunion concert" for hometown finalist Amber Anderson. Only it turns out everyone in town seems to know the secret.

    And paparazzi are arriving. And word from Hollywood is that Amber has disappeared with a "bad boy" actor. Can anything go right in this tumbleweed town? Imagene Doll loves her town of Daily, Texas, but things are lonelier without her beloved husband. At least until that fancy-dressed woman pulls into town, looking terrified and glamorous all at once. Soon life's not the least bit boring as Imagene--and the rest of Daily--find themselves at the center of a media maelstrom He discovers a precarious path forward when he is contracted by a wealthy adoptive couple to seduce and sabotage a troubled birth mother from his neighborhood.

    Lane soon finds himself in a zero-sum game between the families as he straddles two cultures, classes, and worlds.

    Until finally, with the well-being of the toddler at stake, Lane must choose between wanting to do the right thing if he could only figure out what that is and reclaiming his idea of privilege. Echoing the novels of Mary Alice Monroe, Allie Larkin, and Holly Robinson, this charming debut novel tells the unforgettable story of a rescue dog that helps a struggling young outsider make peace with the past.

    When a respected DA goes missing she returns to the hurricane-ravaged city to find out why. The written word is mightier than the sword—most of the time Working in an alternate version of Victorian London, Librarian-spy Irene has settled into a routine, collecting important fiction for the mysterious Library and blending in nicely with the local culture. But when her apprentice, Kai—a dragon of royal descent—is kidnapped by the Fae, her carefully crafted undercover operation begins to crumble.

    To keep humanity from getting caught in the crossfire, Irene will have to team up with a local Fae leader to travel deep into a version of Venice filled with dark magic, strange coincidences, and a perpetual celebration of Carnival—and save her friend before he becomes the first casualty of a catastrophic war.

    It's where everyone knows your business—and remembers everything you'd rather forget. But somehow the little Catskills town of Marsden draws the most unlikely people back home, turns their lives every which way, and helps them finally figure out what—and who—they want most. As a celebrity photographer's assistant, Celia Marshall is used to seeing all kinds of weird antics. But subbing as the model in irrepressible movie star Niall Crenshaw's latest endorsement ad—while wearing his silk boxers, no less—is definitely not in her job description.

    Neither is falling for him, especially since he's dating his latest co-star. To complicate things further, Celia is returning to Marsden to keep an eye on her eccentric grandmother—and Niall is driving her there, then staying to judge a talent contest.

    Soon Celia is pulled in a dozen different directions, trying to get her grandmother to act her age, placating her frantic former boss who's organizing the contest—and attempting to stay away from funny, sexy Niall. Celia's always been level headed, but suddenly she's wishing she could get reckless right along with him. Has the time come for sensible Celia to cut loose?. In , Richard Price returned to the gritty urban landscape of his national bestseller Clockers to produce Freedomland, a searing and unforgettable novel about a hijacked car, a missing child, and an embattled neighborhood polarized by racism, distrust, and accusation.

    On May 11, this highly lauded bestseller is available in paperback for the first time. A white woman, her hands gashed and bloody, stumbles into an inner-city emergency room and announces that she has just been carjacked by a black man.

    But then comes the horrifying twist: Her young son was asleep in the back seat, and he has now disappeared into the night. Assigned to investigate the case of Brenda Martin's missing child is detective Lorenzo Council, a local son of the very housing project targeted as the scene of the crime. Under a white-hot media glare, Lorenzo launches an all-out search for the abducted boy, even as he quietly explores a different possibility: Does Brenda Martin know a lot more about her son's disappearance than she's admitting?

    Right behind Lorenzo is Jesse Haus, an ambitious young reporter from the city's evening paper. Almost immediately, Jesse suspects Brenda of hiding something. Relentlessly, she works her way into the distraught mother's fragile world, befriending her even as she looks for the chance to break the biggest story of her career. As the search for the alleged carjacker intensifies, so does the simmering racial tension between Dempsey and its mostly white neighbor, Gannon.

    And when the Gannon police arrest a black man from Dempsey and declare him a suspect, the animosity between the two cities threatens to boil over into violence. With the media swarming and the mood turning increasingly ugly, Lorenzo must take desperate measures to get to the bottom of Brenda Martin's story.

    At once a suspenseful mystery and a brilliant portrait of two cities locked in a death-grip of explosive rage, Freedomland reveals the heart of the urban American experience--dislocated, furious, yearning--as never before.

    Richard Price has created a vibrant, gut-wrenching masterpiece whose images will remain long after the final, devastating pages. From the Paperback edition. City of the Sun: Private detective Frank Behr has been perfectly content living a solitary life, working on a few simple cases, and attempting to move on from his painful past.

    But when Paul and Carol Gabriel ask him to help them find their missing son, he can hardly refuse. Going against everything he fears—Behr's been around too long to hope for a happy ending—he enters into an uneasy partnership with Paul on a quest for the truth that will become both dangerous and haunting. Richly textured and crackling with suspense on every page, City of the Sun masterfully takes readers on an investigation like no other. It is the story of Jung Lu, the Manchu Lord who gave her the only love she was ever to know, and whose quiet and wise counsel gave her the wisdom to rule.

    It is the story of a country, a people, a way of life, and a hatred born of misunderstanding which carried tragic consequences. From her seat on the Dragon throne she commanded an Empire. The decisions she made still leave their mark on the world. Few women in history have held as much power. Yet the days were never long enough for all she wanted to do.

    There is no available information at this time. Five original tales set in a shared urban future—from some of the hottest young writers in modern SF A strange man comes to an even stranger encampment Welcome to the future of cities. City of Friends is the number one bestselling twentieth novel from the highly acclaimed author, Joanna Trollope. This award-winning science fiction classic explores a far-future world inhabited by intelligent canines who pass down the tales of their human forefathers.

    Thousands of years have passed since humankind abandoned the city—first for the countryside, then for the stars, and ultimately for oblivion—leaving their most loyal animal companions alone on Earth.

    With the aid of Jenkins, an ageless service robot, the dogs live in a world of harmony and peace. Winner of the International Fantasy Award, City is a magnificent literary metropolis filled with an astonishing array of interlinked stories and structures—at once dystopian, transcendent, compassionate, and visionary.

    In upstate New York, at the confluence of the Hudson River and its mighty tributary the Mohawk, came the creation of a new world of science. In , Thomas Edison moved his Edison Machine Works here and a few years later, it became the headquarters of a major manufacturing company, giving the town its nickname: Then, in came Charles Proteus Steinmetz, a brilliant mathematician and recent arrival from Ellis Island. Allied with his Mohawk friend Joseph Longboat and his adopted eleven-year-old granddaughter Midget, he would make advancements in Electric City that, quite simply, changed the world.

    Now, in the autumn of , Sophie Levine is the daughter of one of the many scientists working at The Company, whose electric logo can be seen from everywhere in town. Ensconced in Electric City, Sophie is coming of age just as the town is gasping its last breaths.

    America is on the cusp of great instability, enduring blackouts and social unrest over Vietnam. This new generation will face both the history of their town and their own uncertain future, struggling to bridge the gap between the old world and the new. One former Miss Bolivia. Board corners bumped, minor edgewear and soiling to boards.

    Treasure for the King Cleator, P. Minor soiling and edgewear to jacket, including small tears. Minor soiling and edgewear to jacket, including small tears.. Edges greyed with dust marks. This original and very readable history tells the Irish story from prehistoric times to the present day.

    Fact 'windows' in the text light up may fascinating aspects of Irish history and a chronology gives a concisely written overview of Ireland's major political, cultural and religious trends. Edgewear to boards, exposing cardboard, and other minor wear.

    Edges moderately stained or soiled. The Cult of the Immortal: The cult of the immortal affords us a unique glimpse into life of the people of the remote past: Egyptian mummy thus speak to us not only about themselves, but about the peculiarities of human history and human belief. Please refer to accompanying picture s. Colour illustrated dust jacket reproducing a painting by Donald Friend. The dust jacket is rubbed in a couple of spots with some minor loss of colour, otherwise the book and jacket are in very good order.

    In this book Mrs Huxley brilliantly conveys her experience of the Australian continent, over which she has travelled widely, in a vivid picture of the country and its inhabitants. Exploring a Wild Australian Coast: The book is in good order. The dustwrapper has no tears, but has rub marks at each of the folds and along top edge. Waste is the third and key work in Dolci's survey of Sicilian poverty. In it he looks at the waste of human life, with many references to the mafia, he also looks at the waste of resources and in part 3 attempts to provide solutions.

    Light browning to page extremities. Searching for Women Who Drink Whisky: Octavo 8vo standard book size. Multiple copies available this title. When journalist Miranda Kennedy arrives in New Delhi she discovers that renting an apartment as a single woman is next to impossible and finds herself cheerfully labelled as 'the unmarried Feringhee foreigner with the cats'.

    And so begins her struggle to find a place for herself in the New India, a country racing headlong into a future no one seems to be able to keep up with, least of all the extraordinary women who become her friends and unofficial guides. There is the devout Sex and the City fan who wears mini-skirts to work at a Western company yet prefers the old Bollywood style of romance; her mismatched housekeepers - a proud Brahmin widow constantly struggling to keep her smiling 'Untouchable' co-worker in her place; and the rebel who defiantly chainsmokes and drinks whisky, yet keeps her boyfriend a secret from her family.

    From acting as chaperone for a friend's 'interview' for an arranged marriage to reassessing her own way of life, Kennedy offers a uniquely personal insight into both their world and hers as they struggle with the challenges every woman faces: This copy is well-read and a little dog-eared but is in sound condition.

    Your book when ordered will be securely packed and promptly dispatched by Great Southern Books. A follow-up to Tim Bowden's "Penelope Goes West", this time covering the intriguing adventures of Tim, Ros, Penelope the car and The Manor the caravan as they travel across the grandeur and spectacle of Broome, the Kimberleys and various points south and west.

    Bowden's fascination with rarely seen Aboriginal rock art is a major theme in his continuing love affair with Australia. On their journey Tim and wife, Ros, explore the Kimberley by land and sea, where dramatic metre tides guard coastal locations unchanged by time - still as 17th-century buccaneer William Dampier first described them.

    For three months, Tim and Ros and their trusty four-wheel-drive, Penelope, travelled from the improbably sculptured Bungle Bungles to the Pilbara and the wildflower-filled Mid West. Bowden's enthusiasm for history is clear and his book is peppered with stories of present and past, ill-fated settlements and expeditions, tragic tourist deaths and the grandeur of Australia's intriguing, spectacular north-west. This book is in very good or better condition. It has no tears to the pages and no pages are missing from the book.

    The spine of the book is in strong condition. The front cover has some bumps and marks. It has signs of previous use but overall is in really nice, tight condition. Items are shipped same day or next business day and are shipped directly from our Australian address. A collection of the author's favourite Italian recipes with the emphasis upon healthy eating. The recipes are introduced with stories about their origins and are divided into six sections: Hard to come by.

    Book and Jacket appear to have hardly been read and are both in As new condition throughout. Travel, Tourism, And Hospitality Research: Brent; Goeldner Charles R. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in As new condition throughout. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in Fine condition throughout. Small accordion style set of 1 panoramic view and 28 postcards of Pompei. Descriptions on the reverse of each photo in 4 different languages. Boards are embossed with bright colour illustration of Pompei burning.

    Showing minor age wear to extremities. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in Fine condition throughout, the only exception is the first blank page is missing.

    Front cover has some creasing. Stiff card, 12mo, pages, good condition boards have some light scratching, previous owners details inked out inside cover. Library of Congress No: Reality is the bug that bit me in the Galapagos: Dust Jacket is in very good condition, without tears or chips or other damage.

    One of a large, sophisticated collection from an Australian anthropologist on New Guinea, Papua and related subject areas. Several hundred volumes from this collection are listed at this site and can be found as a set by searching for the special Keyword pwnewguinea.

    Dust Jacket is fully intact, no tears or chips, but carries signs of wear to top and bottom edges, corners etc. Pictures from the water trade: The World from Italy: A Thousand Days in Venice: Dust Jacket has small closed tears, but otherwise complete and overall sound..

    Two Feet, Four Paws: Binding is tight, covers and spine fully intact, but spine is slightly cocked. Neither here nor there: South Africans abroad speak out! Where in the world is Osama bin Laden? The Hills of Tuscany: Dust Jacket worn at edges, small chips and tears. Deckled edges rough cut , browned.

    A White House in Gascony: English Edition Kornyushov ed. Dust Jacket is in very good condition, without tears or chips or other damage, other than spine which is faded by sun exposure. Previous owner's inscription in ink, neat. Drawing on a wealth of original material he describes what went on behind the scenes in ships whose names have now become legendary - the Graf Spee, HMS Warspite and USS Enterprise plus many others.

    Surface tear to front board. Two medium sized chips in dustjacket. Pale foxing on compressed page edge. This is the first Australian edition. Covers have slight soiling. Edges of boards have superficial wear. Previous owner's name ink-stamped. Packed with photographs, illustrations and maps of Vietnam the guide includes in-depth coverage of Vietnam's best attractions from the floating markets of the Mekong Delta in the south to the hill towns inhabited by the Hmong minority in the north, and unearths the best Vietnamese beaches, islands and unforgettable trekking in between.

    Illustrated food features highlight the differing regional cuisines, and detailed listings of the best hotels in Vietnam and restaurants in Vietnam have been provided by resident experts. A full chapter is dedicated to Angkor in neighbouring Cambodia, with the astounding temples illustrated in glorious detail.

    Specially devised walking tours take you easily to the heart of Vietnam's bustling cities with sights, beaches, markets and festivals listed town by town. Whether zipping around old Hanoi in a pedal-powered cyclo or dining on the exquisite local cuisine, the "Eyewitness Guide to Vietnam and Angkor Wat" is indispensable.

    The spine of the book is in strong condition and the dust jacket is also in very good condition. Now, ten years later, Italy and its wonderful flavours continue to have a major influence on his food and cooking.

    In Jamie's Italy, Jamie travels this famously gastronomic country paying homage to the classic dishes of each region and searching for new ideas to bring home. The result is a sensational collection of Italian recipes, old and new, that will ensure Italy's influence reaches us all. On the menu is an array of magical ingredients and Mediterranean flavours all combined in Jamie Oliver's inimitable way.

    From Parma ham to Parmesan, from pannetone to panzanella, Jamie's Italy will transport you to Italy or at least bring Italy home to you. Minor blemish to dust wrapper front near spine. No internal inscriptions, torn or missing pages.. With all the gusto of a Paul Bunyan, Murray Morgan tells the story of this last thrilling American wilderness.

    Signed on half title page by author. Price clipped inside book. Some wear and tear to extremities of dust wrapper. Light age and reading wear to book. Black coloured cloth covered boards with gilt embossed illustration to the front panel and gilt decoration to the backstrip.

    Gilt coloured titles to the backstrip. Illustrated dustwrapper with yellow and white coloured titles to the front panel and backstrip. Included are selections of letters, journal entries and sermons.

    Softening to the head and to the heel of the backstrip and rubbing to the book corners and lower book edges. Rubbing to the cloth of the book. Browning and sustained foxing to the textblock edges and light age toning of the internal pages. A white musty film is present to the endpapers and original bookseller's sticker to the lower right-hand corner of the front paste-down. Chipping to the dustwrapper corners and to the head and to the fuel of the backstrip. Rubbing to the dustwrapper panels and sunning to the backstrip.

    A few tears to both the top and bottom dustwrapper edges. Some browning and foxing to the verso of the dustwrapper. Includes bibliography, chapter notes, index. There are a couple of handling marks to the front edge of the text block, and the dust jacket is rubbed, and chipped along both the top and bottom edges. The author finds the Chinese humour is less outspoken than ours, less dependent on verbal wit, and more often urbane, delicate, and subtle. In his treatment of humour in drama the examined several representative plays, and his discussions of literature are accompanied by copious quotations in English translation.

    We are happy to provide pictures of this book on request Illustrator: Page edges a little browned. Incredible adventures round the top of the world full colour photos, plus drawings and English text.

    We ended in Bali Gillsater, Sven; translated by F. A journey around the islands of Indonesia. Pale blue cloth boards. Blue lettering and vignette. Wrapper rubbed with approximately 1" loss base of spine and 2" tear lower edge of front panel. Front panel of wrapper states "First Cheap Edition".

    The complete story of a unique continent: Orange cloth quarter spine. Around the World in a Bad Mood: The top edge of the book is dusty. Slight shelfwear to base of boards. We are happy to provide pictures of this book on request Quantity Available: Previous owner's details neatly to front endpaper dated Book very firm and clean.

    Dustwrapper not price clipped. Wrapper has light edgewear and sunning to spine. Malta, And Beyond Coulton, G. Minor edgewear to covers. Foxing to covers Quantity Available: The Brendan voyager goes in the wake of Sindbad the Sailor. Journeys of the Great Explorers showcases Voyages of 30 famous explorers encompassing almost 2, years of exploration. Book is in good condition with mild general wear and tear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings.

    Very good, l;ight wear to cover edges. Po inscription otherwise near fine. Collection of chaptered essays with associated gloss colour photography. Illustrated guide to the evolution of aeroplanes and air transport. Book is in fair condition with stamps throughout, and mild general wear and tear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings.

    Photo featured is of actual book. And if you can't find the title your looking for - why not ask us direct. With over 30, books in stock we can't list them all!!. The Cradle of the Deep: Pages are reasonably tanned and reasonably foxed.

    Edges of boards have superficial edgewear and corners are lightly bumped. Religious and Anti-religious Thought in Russia: Dust jacket has light creasing and superficial rubbing. Page edges are lightly browned and slightly foxed. Good, water stain to some page edges. This familiar Lewis combination of a world now disappeared and the importance of genuine friendships, all described in his economic but intensly lyrical style make for a book that is truly engrossing.

    This book should be required reading on every journalist's training course, if nothing else for its language which is throughout both simple and scintillating. The remarkable story of one family's decision to trade their home for the road. Book is in good condition with mild general wear and tear, texta scribble on inside front page, otherwise no other pre-loved markings. The Hard Light of Day: The World of Farley Mowat: Very good, small owner's details verso fep. The Journey Is the Destination: Collection of photographs of Toowoomba and its people.

    Contact EldoradoBooks for details postage reduction. An Empire of the East: The Face of the Home Countries: Spine has considerable fading.

    Gift inscription in ink. Corners of covers are moderately bumped. This brilliant travel guide is a spectacular re-creation of the culture and people in the land of lions and elephants. Edges of dust jacket have light bumping. No Dust Jacket as issued. How often have you seen images of London's famous sights that look and feel flat and lifeless?

    With specially-commissioned pictures taken as if you were at the centre of the scene, you can see all around some of the greatest sites in Britain's capital city, from inside and out. The iconic Houses of Parliament; Soho's nightlife and bustling Smithfield's Market are just some of the scenes that take on a fascinating new perspective.

    Skyline images contain annotated landmarks to guide you around the panorama; and details from the sites completes the picture, providing an all-encompassing look at London's most famous places. The accompanying CD includes quick-time movies of [degrees] views, which allow you to 'travel' through a scene on your Mac or PC. Highlands and Islands, The Darling, F.

    Fraser; and Boyd, J. A masterly survey of the most striking area of country in Great Britain. Book is in good condition with minor general wear and tear and heavy page discoloration throughout, otherwise no other pre-loved markings. The Sunday Times Book of the Countryside: Dustjacket has some bumping along top edge.

    Covers all aspects of the countryside of the British Isles. The Call of England Morton, H. Edges of pages are significantly foxed. Adventures on the Trail of Man? Information for the boatie who wants to sail between Southport and Papua New Guinea. Revised and updated edition. The Art of Frederick McCubbin. Travellers can choose from a remote tropical island on the Great Barrier Reef; a glamorous safari camp in Australia's Top End; a sophisticated manor in New Zealand's Bay of Islands; and a host of hip city-stays.

    Each hotel has been visited personally by the Smith team and then reviewed anonymously by a local tastemaker, who share an unbridled account of their escape. As well as evocative photographs and entertaining reviews, there are destination guides covering every practicality from getting around to sniffing out the finest vineyards, shops, and galleries, plus in-the-know details such as the best rooms to book, the top tables in the most special restaurants, and the most secluded beaches.

    There's even that all-important Smith tidbit, something for nothing, where they suggest great gratis activities. Adding to the luxe-for-less theme, each book comes with an exclusive Smith Card entitling holders to a year's free membership, good for upgrades, hotel discounts, exclusive on-arrival gifts, and other life-enhancing extras and money-can't-buy privileges. Sidney Nolan - Souvenir Catalogue: Retrospective - Paintings From Nolan, Sidney. The text is supported by numerous colour plates taken from Lady Emily's fathers "Delhie Book".

    Inscription on first page. Clean and unmarked cover, edges curl very slightly on front. Clean compressed page edge. Gleanings in Buddha Fields. Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East. The Travellers' Library series. Dust jacket has some indentation damage near the top and minor bumping to edges.

    Voigt, David watercolour paintings. Cover has crease on the front. History of Helicopters Taylor, Michael J. Boards are in good condition with only light shelf wear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings.

    The bridges of Kananook Creek: Good, first few pages a littly wavy on bottom edge. Guppy's book is the incidental outcome of an expedition organised for plant hunting and has the distinction of being the account of genuine exploration. Some foxing to mainly edges and prelims, else vg copy in dj.

    Stains on front cover. Dust jacket has large surface tear on front face and spine, with minor chipping to edges. Corners of boards are moderately bumped. The Legend Press, Sydney. Heroes of Modern Adventure Bridges, T. Covers have mild soiling. Tears in cloth at ends of spine. Spine has moderate lean and considerable fading.

    City on the Rocks: This is the first USA edition. Remainder mark on page edges. An investigative portrait of Hong Kong, its history, society, and role as a business centre as well as an enquiry into its future. Dust Jacket has large chunk missing from back and spine is quite sun faded.

    Edges of pages are slightly soiled. Lansdowne Australian Painting Studio series , , 1st edition. Dorset Lock, Major H. Dust jacket is in excellent condtion. Artist biography with work examples. Gift inscription on front end page. The Trail of Marco Polo: The story of an adventurous journey from Venice to the frontiers of China by a trail seven centuries old.

    Aprevious owner has made some internal repairs to some tears on the DJ. Dust Jacket has some shelf wear. It also has some chips, small tears and bumps to extremities. Map on inside of front pastedown and end papers. Dust jacket protected in clear, plastic sleeve. Dust jacket has superficial rubbing. Accompaniment to the TV series of the same name. Minor marks and wear to book.

    This book provides insight into the psyche of Sue Fear, Australia's most successful female mountaineer, one of a handful of women to have climbed five of the world's metre mountains and the first Australian woman to summit Mount Everest via the North Ridge Route. Book is in good condition with mild general wear and tear and light page discolouration throughout, otherwise no other pre-loved markings. Text body is clean. Cover has light scratches and edgewear.

    Dust Jacket quite worn at edges, small chips and tears. Sydney Thursday, 29th October, at 5: Edges of dust jacket have moderate bumping. Dust Jacket quite chipped and worn. Jacket spine slightly browned. Small tears to base of spine. Binding still very good but slightly cocked and sagging a little at the spine. Prior owner's signature in ink.

    Minor water damage to covers and pages,. Now protected in non-adhesive clear wrap. Quality production in card covers. Tales from a Sunburnt Country: Full of coloured photos. Gift Quality Quantity Available: Top edge of dustjacket on rear of book is damaged. Black-and-white photographic frontispiece, showing a young Polynesian girl. The text is illustrated with numerous black-and-white photographs. Grey coloured boards with gilt writing on the spine. Bumping to the head and to the heel of the backstrip.

    A few marks to the cloth of the boards. Browning to the text block edges along with a few foxing spots. Handling marks to the endpapers and age toning to the internal pages.

    Illustrated dustwraper, by Harold Freedman, with purple, a white and black writing on the front panel and black-and-white on the spine. Chipping to the dustwraper corners. A few small tears to the top and bottom dustwraper edges along with some rubbing.

    The major damage to the dustwraper has been a rather rough removal of the sticker to the lower right hand corner of the front panel. Creasing the top edge of the front fold over panel. Slight edgewear rubbing of the dustwrapper, a couple of foxing spots on the fore-edge of the book. Joseph Hone had always dreamed of crossing the African continent from coast to coast. As travel correspondent for the BBC, he finally embarked on this long-awaited journey through a world of limitless adventure.

    VIII, pages, 64 pages of black-and-white photographs, sundry maps, index. It is also a timely and lively investigation of the political and social changes which are transforming parts of Africa at lightning pace.

    The book is divided into two parts: Together they illustrate with startling clarity the extreme contrasts between the ancient and modern ways of life which exist side by side all over Africa. From San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, to nostalgic Oslo, to Norfolk Island, home of the Boobook Owl, Locations is an honest and insightful look at thirteen unique places from the woman who has, in her own words, been earning her living "by perpetual wandering and writing" for nearly forty years.

    One of the world's preeminent travel writers, Jan Morris is the author of a number of highly acclaimed volumes. And now, in Locations, she presents yet another collection of provocative essays on destinations as varied as Paris and Oslo, West Point and Chicago.

    These pieces reveal not so much how a place looks, feels, or sounds, but Morris's own response to a particular moment, her appreciation of history's causes and effects, her sharp eye for a telling detail, and her ability to find the meaning in a chance encounter. In Vermont, "the receptacle of the symptoms Romantics like to identify as American Innocence" she retells with delight how, like the keys to a city, she was given the gift of a piece of lead piping from which the stallion Justin Morgan the father of the breed of Morgan horses had drunk.

    She finds Oaxaca pronounced like "wa-HA-ka" colored violently by its Indianness, where one can hear the arcane languages of the Mixtec, Zapotec, and Ixcatec, and, five thousand feet above sea level, get a benign and hallucinatory effect of breathiness and romance.

    Morris captures what she calls the pungency of the Tex-Mex frontier, where one can not only find clans who have lived there since before Texas was born that maintain their immemorial feuds on both sides of the Rio Grande, but also such unexpected settlers as a "blond and smiling Swiss lady, like someone out of a Renoir" in charge of her breakfast counter in Laredo, and a multilingual world-traveller who prefers Texas to his homes in France and Italy.

    And we experience the mood in post-Wall Berlin, where "the awful fear that used to hang over the Wall like a black cloud" has vanished, and "the soldiers of the People's Army have turned out to be human after all.

    Light foxing to endpapers and page edges. Inscription to previous owner on front endpaper. The Eyewitness Travel Guide helps you to get the most out of your trip with minimum difficulties. The opening section Introducing Paris locates the city geographically, sets modern Parisian its historical context and explains how Parisian life changes through the years.

    Paris At a Glance is an overview of the city's specialties. The main sightseeing section of the book is Paris Area by Area. It describes all the main sights with maps, photographs and detailed illustrations. White River, Brown Water: Traces of Foxing to the top edge of the text block, price clipping of the front fold over flap, otherwise in very good condition. The author took the easy way to do this trip. Nevertheless he did travel the length of the Amazon from the Urubamba River to its mouth, and this book records his travel of almost miles by canoe.

    There is some minor rubbing to top and bottom of boards. The story of placing lighthouses around the coast of the Australian continent. Also a story about people - navigators, pioneers, convicts and especially lighthouse keepers. Dust Jacket is in as new condition, apart from normal shop shelf wear - contains no tears or chips or other damage.

    The Olive Tree charts Carol Drinkwater's colorful and often dangerous journey in search of the routes that olive cultivation has taken over the centuries. Set during a springtime Mediterranean that is evocative and perennial, it is above all a tale of our time. Troubled by challenges her own South of France farm is experiencing-attack by a virulent pest, the premature ripening of the trees' fruits-Carol realizes new approaches to farming are becoming essential.

    Traditional customs have been set aside while the use of excessive chemicals is putting the harvests of her crops and others at risk. Changing patterns within the world's climate demand urgent action. Carol's quest takes her south through Spain-now the home of more olive trees than anywhere else on earth-Morocco, Algeria, and Italy before she finally returns to her farm. As a woman traveling alone, she is frequently vulnerable and never more so than in Algeria where, on her arrival, terrorist bombs are exploding, devastating the capital.

    Through her travels and vivid, sometimes unlikely encounters, Carol confronts some of the critical issues of our time-land-care and the harsh realities of diminishing water reserves-and ends her momentous journey in the company of olive growers whose vision for the future is remarkable and ingenious.

    Gift Dedication , neat to early pages. Book is in Very good condition throughout. Book and Jacket appear to have hardly been read and are both in Fine condition throughout.

    The Emperor Far Away: Dangerous, Diverse And, Ultimately , Divided. Includes Some Recipes From France. Sea, Ice And Rock: Colour illustrated dust jacket.

    Previous owner's name sticker pasted central top of the front end page, luckily not obscuring anything important on the map, and original bookseller's sticker on the lower edge of the front paste down.

    The author insists that this is not "a book about Italy" but simply -- as the title indicates -- an account of an Italian journey, which began and ended in Venice and which in between talkie and a good deal of northern Italy. It was a journey made what is now day is considered to be the "hard way" -- that is to say by boat and train and motor coach. It is quite beyond the scope of one book to describe the infinite variety of peoples who live on the four thousand inhabited islands of the Philippine Archipelago.

    Any picture that any individual attempts to paint of the Philippines must, of necessity, be fragmentary. I plead guilty to that charge before it is uttered. Covers are rubbed, have some abrasions and some marking. Jane was certainly a honey. Spine has some reading creases. Covers have some shelf wear. Fully illustrated with photographs, maps and plans, the guide covers a wide area from Poitiers t the Pyrenees, ranging from well known sights such as the Dordogne valley itself to the delights of the little-known countryside of the Gers.

    Illustrated with black and white photographs. Sunrise at Midnight Elsie K. Dust jacket has rubbing and small tears to edges and corners and associated wear. Inscription to previous owner on inside cover. Vg in whole sl. The first transatlantic race. This book tells the story of a voyage on board the Yankee in Gloucester Harbour as it travels the world. Boards are in good condition with light shelf wear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings.

    Voices From the Summit. Journeying through the North West frontier of Pakistan, Australian paramedic Benjamin Gilmour discovered an astonishing culture where strong Islamic beliefs an intense suspicion of foreigners, an obsession with guns and a huge arms manufacturing industry overtook the town of Darra Adam Khel. After leaving, Gilmour wrote a screenplay and decided to return to Pakistan to film a feature film that became 'Son of a Lion'.

    This is Benjamin's account of his travels and the making of his film. Book is in fine condition with only very minor general wear and tear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings. Catch Up With The Sun: How one woman rode through Australia with a short fat horse, two grumpy camels and one feral Kelpie! Catch up With the Sun is the unusual account of a remarkable achievement as ex-RAAF pilot and veterinarian Heidi Douglas writes about her journey through the outback of Australia with horses and camels.

    Who would have thought that a short fat horse called Gumby and two haughty camels could win over the hearts of readers - and convince us that this story is really all about them This book commemorates The Flying Scotsman through photography and text.

    This book captures the voluptuousness of Italian life in a lavishly illustrated ode to the joys of Tuscany's people, food, landscapes, and art. Book is in very good condition with only very mild general wear and tear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings. From the preface; "The object of this book is to give the visitor information about important tourist centres in India briefly. It also contains other useful information which a traveller may require. It is also not possible to give in such a short compass more than brief sketches of a few places.

    Fold out map at rear. Fold out colour map at rear. There is some bumping and abrasions to corners. There is a small tear to the of flyleaf Size: Covers have some marking and shelf wear. Previous owners name on fly leaf. Some minor bumping to corners and some minor creasing to card covers. A travel companion which attempts to capture the essence of the 19th century grand tours, with romantic extracts from Byron and Shelley and travel tips from Baedeker.

    Scented paper and period paintings of the European capitals are used to help recreate that era. Seizing the barest of opportunities to explore deep into occupied Tibet, Michel Peissel accomplished what scores of Western explorers had tried and failed to do for more than years: The Last Barbarians certainly has its moments; it ought to be read, but one always feels that he missed many of the chances his experience gave him to have made it far better.

    The dust wrapper is not price clipped and shows only minor shelf-wear. Travelling by plane, motorbike and boat, and on foot, Billy Connolly tours the length and breadth of Australia with his stage show, and delivers a personal commentary on what he sees. From Sydney to Canberra, and from Alice Springs to Barthurst Island, he sets out to find the true spirit of the people of Australia, and in doing so he meets a wide variety of characters, including Aborigines, artists and musicians.

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    The Traditional Wisdom on THC-CBD Interactions Might Be Wrong Thomas Kohnstamm's Lake City Pushes Traditional Book Marketing into a Heady Direction. At this event for a book tracking the contentious relationship between Bobby Kennedy and . It has meant pushing back in bargaining on “random” searches of students on campus. .. “I'm pointing myself in that particular direction,” he says.” Paul Constant reviews Thomas Kohnstamm's Lake City. What denotes a best or top travel book is a subjective process (unless you are I was listing history books but I have now moved those into the travel guides section. For example City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas can be found in the .. Questionable Ethics, and Professional Hedonism by Thomas Kohnstamm.

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