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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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CBD and Cytochrome P450

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  • moscow in cbd buy muleshoe oil
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  • Organically sourced cannabinoid CBD oil with unsurpassed potency and consistency. Our ultimate goal is to help people and their loved ones live a happier and. oil products on the market. If you're looking for a reliable source for CBD oil online, you've come to the right place. Shop CBD Oil. Showing all 6 results. Dec 5, In these states (and D.C.), simply go to a dispensary and you will be able to purchase CBD oil legally - provided you are 18 or over.

    moscow in cbd buy muleshoe oil

    Make sure your vendor uses a safe solvent and an extraction method which has been verified and proven over time. You have the right to know everything about your product before you purchase it. In fact, one of the only ways you are going to know if your CBD oil has been kept pure and potent is by simply speaking up and asking. The best companies are always transparent about the products they sell, whether its CBD oil, Kratom, or any other product you are purchasing from them.

    Any company who desires to keep your business should always be clear and open about the resources they use to make your products safe. For instance, these types of companies generally have lab tests completed on their products to ensure safety for their customers.

    It is your prerogative to ask the company to see the lab results as proof, demonstrating the product has been tested and quality-assured before hitting their online shelf. Another great way to learn whether or not a company is reputable and transparent is to do your own research on them. Usually companies who have been around for a while will have a community base and will provide a way for you to talk to real customers.

    Here at Kats Botanicals we make sure to stay transparent about everything we sell on our website. He was admitted Thursday with cuts and possible head Injuries, after the crash.

    The truck driver, John Kerbs, 49, Alexander street, was treated and released from the hospital Thursday. Ethel Pcn- zenschem, Strosburg, Colo fractured left leg and cuts; C.

    Boise, lacer- ations, and. Helen Oarvln, 54 Nampa. Penwnschem Is a niece of Mrs. Twin Palls county sheriff's officers were at the scene of the accident Saturday trying to loc ate Items belonging to bus pas sengers which were thrown from the bus by the Impact of the collision. The truck struck the bus about In the middle, tearing open tlw side and a luggage comportment' underneath the floor of the bus.

    Guided Action power wash. Wri iaa l ai d - w-w akiar. Sunday in the Twin Falls high acbool gymnasium. Miss Castle Is the ptanlst-accord- lonlst for the band and Liddell is a trombonist. Sun- day for their performance at 7 p. Hove said the tickets will be available at the door. He said the band will stop at Sun Valley for lunch Sunday. He also said proceeds will be used to help pay the balance for the property the Klmberly and Twin Palls Cham- bers of Commerce bought for the Snake River Field conservation station, located northeast of Klmberly.

    Several cars will go to the air- port to meet the band and the public can also go to the airport. Hove said they are not expect- ing as many as last time but hopes for a good crowd.

    The members of the band will be available for autographs at the end of the performance. Tickets will go on sale at the door at 6 pjn. Only the downstairs section will be sold as reserve seats. Their coronation was the high- light of the annual Oreek week which concluded with a dance tonight. Robert Lehmann, Good- ing, was a runnerup. Felton, the son of Mr. Pelton, Rupert, is a senior in business administra- tion. He was the candidate of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.

    Miss 8mith, a Junior in psy- chology, was nominated by her sorority. Alpha Chi Omega, which she Is currently serving as presi- dent. She is a daugther of Mr. She was born Jan. Brownlee was a member of the Catholic church. Her hus bond died April 5, Survivors Include one son. Paul Brownlee, Mountain Home one daughter, Mrs. Rosary will be recited at 8 pm. Monday at the Thompson chapel Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.

    Elizabeth Catholio church by the Rev. Last rites will be held In Elm wood cemetery. Friends may call at the Thomp- son chapel Sunday evening, Mon- day and Tuesday until time of services. Is a system of Wagering between" spectators at a race meet with the sponsoring association acting as the "stake holder. It Is re- turned to the holders of win- ning tickets — minus a commission deducted by the sponsor.

    Use of the porl-mutuel betting system will be legal In Idaho this year for the first time, although It has been used In some cases in the past on an Informal basis. The act legalising use of the system was passed by the legislature over the veto of Gov.

    The act has been sharply criti- cized by anti-gambling forces who have announced their In- tention to work for Its repeal in the legislature. Smylle has said he will ask for repeal. A new organization — citizens for repeal of the porl-mutuel law— says It will poll all candi- dates for the legislature to de- termine their views on the Issue and publish the results prior to the August primary elections.

    Opponents of the act contend It will open the door to wide open gambling In Idaho. Proponents deny this, however, declaring that the system will be well reg- ulated and will help to create a horse breeding Industry In Idaho, The racing committee, headed by Boise businessman Arthur Op penhelmer, has drawn up a set of regulations to govern meets.

    It has approved dates for meets this summer In 10 communities, beginning with a one-day event In Emmett on May 16, the first of vile Reason.

    The last meet ends Oct. Pocatello has nine days re Under the law, H5 per cent of the amount bet Is distributed to the bettors. The remainder goes to the state' and the spon- soring organization. If a county fair board sponsors the race, It gets 14 per cent of the amount bet with the remain- ing one per cent going to the state.

    If a private association is the'sponsor, it gets 10 per cent of the betting total, with the state getting flveHper cent. The racing committee gets 20 per cent of the state's share In either Instance and Uie remain- d e r goe s Int o Use public oehool endowment fund.

    Predictions of backers of the law that the state's share would be substantial appear to be of doubtful accuracy. Malheur county, Ore,, Racing association, which has operated races for several years at Ontario, in eastern Oregon across the Snake river from Idaho, reports a total of S However, the committee says that a plan Is being set up which would provide for a portable ma- chlne..

    I cannot say truthfully that I write it without some animosity in my heart, because, I do have. It might enlighten some, however, as to just how this transfer came about It is another incident of a major company dealing with a small distributor.

    For approximately seven years I have spent many hours and much money promoting Fritos manufactured by Frito-Lay Inc. During this period records wilt verify that the volume on the item increased amazingly, to the extent that now they feel it will justify them to put their own trucks back in this area. Without notice to me whatsoever, they sent a representative into this area and canvassed the entire retail outlet, notifying them that I would no longer be able to supply them with Fritos.

    The only wpy that I le arned of this was by some of my faithful customers calling and inquiring. After numerous long-distance calls, etc. I might add that he absolutely could not give me any reasonable reason for this action. This all took place between Tuesday afternoon, April 21st and Wednesday afternoon, April 22nd. I was told that I had until Monday, May 4th until they started their own trucks to complete- ly take over all my routes. I humbly ask you, Mr. Public, as Frito-Lay is one of the largest manufacturers of snack items in the world, did they use proper business ethics in this trans action AND is this the type of company that the good people of Alagic Valleywant to have their dollars..

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    Spokane, manager of the Inland Automobile association, was announced today, aj principal. OrantCrahfeVence 1 cnair n iau, said Oullbcil will dim: Charlton, superintendent of the Idaho state liquor dispensary, has been nalned to reoei-e the high' est award of the aleobollo beverage lndnrtry, an "Edgar.

    May Col Charles A. Allard, state commander for the week, re- sorted today. But special displays and exhibits will be In place throughout the week. The Mountain Home base will observe Armed Forces day with an open house. Similar observances are planned at naval and army reserve training centers to Botee.

    April 25 WV— Gov. Smylie waa notified today of bis reappointment a. Elsenhower and was reappointed by the late President John F. The commission Is supported by a concessional appropriation. It Is Intended to be an advisory body to the Presl- Sent Snd congress on the relationship between local, state and federal agencies. The railroad has had a profound ef feet on all of our lives whether or not we are directly connected with It; the hls- forUarSy SalS In a letter to the city commission The monu- ment is located in front of the liberal arts buUdlng on the Idaho State university campus.

    It marks the completion of the narrow gauge Utah Northern railroad through this area, which In turn opened up much of southern Idaho for development. The plant will be In operation by next June 1, the announcement said, and will be op- erated under the direction of William Brldenbaugh, the company's northwest regional manager.

    The cost of the facility or the number of worker. It wlU employ were not disclosed. Boise Cascade's container division general manager, said the plant will be located adjacent to the company's paper mill - in Salem.

    Carver spoke to the Idaho Tuberculosis association, which ended its two-day convention Saturday. Johnson Isn't going to be left helpless. He comes up with, "war on poverty, " which could really bring him votes unless the people wake up to the real facts. Our foreign aid has put steel mills all over the world, and also aluminum, textile and most all kinds of Industrial plants.

    Also, we have trained people in those countries to operate them. So, In a short tune those people turn out great quantities of products. Now, these people, to progress, must sell a large quantity of tnese goods or' must export. Why, America, of course. But America has high tariffs so they can't sell here. We will help them out. We lower or do away with our tariffs so tlney can dump their goods here.

    So that Is settled nicely, except for the lnaur moun table fact that our work- ers can't produce cheaply enough to make It possible for us to op erate on a paying basis. Result, our mills shut down and- our people are out of work. The foreigners can dump goods in America, with tariffs off, so cheap we must shut down.

    According to President John son, these people thrown. They are already highly trained, so the only rem- edy Is to give each of them, as a start, f 1, dollars and support them In Idleness until, we get brains enough to put our tariffs In force again and let our. Prescott's pony sale at Prescott's sale ring. Twin Falls group Is hostess. I was born, raised and schooled In the age of scarcity. The building where we attend ed school was only one room, but we did have desks. Our posses slons were a slate, pencil and a one-cent tablet.

    The pencils need- ed to be cut In half so that each child In the family could have a pencil. On occasion a child reported one at Iris or her possessions missing. Then she walked over and returned It to Its owner saying, for us all to hear, you children must learn to take care of your property; some folks have taking ways.

    Now I read where they were going to close the Bobby Baker case without revealing the de- tails to us. Can It be that too many of the folks on Capitol hill have taking ways? Forgive them, they know not what they do. Lefiettraiuiat comply with the laws of libel and slander and must be In good taste. No pseudonyms or pen names are permitted; all let- ters must be signed with the true name and address of the writer.

    Length of letters will be limited to words. Longer letters will be returned to the writers. The survey crews will be flown to the Denlo, Nov. Jerry Leeper will be the other pilot. He will survey the Isolated areas until June You real' ly do.

    There is nothing new with your attitude here. This was your old theme song before the last elec- tion. They rejected It most def- initely. I do not believe many of them have had reason to change their minds. Sir, we finders tand as well as you. However, I think there Is a much better method of doing this than a salts tax. We have Just had a reduction of federal Income tax.

    Don't you think It would be much more appropriate for Govern or Smylie to call a special session of the legislature, and have them take up this slack? This should give us enough money to catch up the bills for a while at least? By doing It this way everybody will be paying bis fair share ac- cording to his ability. This looks much more Just to me than a sales tax which would put most of the burden on those In the low sen Income group who can afford It least. Bow about It you good constit- uents?

    April 25— "South Pa- cific" has been chosen as the theme for the annual Junior class prom which will be held at 8: Friday at the Cassia LDS stake recreational hall. Music for the affair will be furnished by the Dance Men orchestra, Burley.

    A floor, show honoring the senior class mem- bers will be given and the high- light will be the presentation of the high school-keys to the sen- iors by the Junior class members. Eden Woman Chides T. Such narrow-mindedness is cer- tainly not very commendable. My attention has been caned to a letter recently published. The USDA purchased and dis- tributed a total of cars of ap- ples of which four cars were pur- chased from Idaho growers and Included all the apples offered from that state.

    The only apples distributed In Idaho were apples grown In Idaho. April 25 — Dale Chatterton, local school teacher, has his right foot In a cast after injuring ligaments in a fall. Chatterton slipped on a ladder while helping Junior high school students decorate for their' Junior prom. Stanley Larson was substi- tute teacher for Chatterton this week. These farm- ers seem to think that damage to Make yours a Keds family!.

    Shame on them I Such short- sighted 1 n d 1 v 1 d"u a 1 s probably haven't even considered the many advantages of having a big four-lone road at their doorstep. Well, maybe you'di better ask someone else about them, you see. I'm one of those narrow - minded, selrish, short-sighted people who opposed - locating the interstate on route A.

    I'm still protesting, but It hasn't changed anything. However, Changes might have been possible If the Twin Falls county farmers had cooperated with. Perhaps none of this protesting would now be necessary. S, J4S Highland avenue. Hostetles had stopped for rtop sign at Second avenue and Seventh street south. Police reported Harold G. Police Investigated a two-car accident at 4: They- reported an, unknown ve hlcle pulled out of a drlve-ln on lOmberly road and caused Orlfle E.

    The truck skidded Into mother lane of traffic, colliding with a Pontlac driven by Ullle J. Evans, 43, route 4, Buhl. Claude Durnell, 84, Flier avenue, was cited for leaving the icene of an accident after a two- car crash at 2: Thursday on Third avenue west. He pulled Into another lane of traffic and collided with a Mercury driven by Joanna V. Smith, 65, route 2. Police investigated a two-car accident at 2 pjn.

    Thursday In the block of Third avenue north. Funke, 49, Third avenue north, told Investi- gating officers he backed his Nun from his driveway and started west on Third avenue north when some books started to slide off the seat. He reached for them, letting his car wander to the side of the street where It truck a properly parked Ford owned by Noral Meyers, Third svenue north.

    Police investigated a minor ac cldent at 2: In the parking lot of the Twin Falls Bank and Trust company. Friday at Ft la avenue east' and Maurice street. They reported Dennis D. After the crosswalk was cleared, Swope proceeded. They are ahown here at their home IB Aber- deen, S. The other two, Jimmy and Mary Anne, have dif- ferent appearances and are believed to "have developed from Individual eggs, Jimmy Is shown In the center.

    The girls weren't Identified. April 25 Wl— A menacing cloud that lurked on the economy's horizon was whisk- ed away during the week by the ending of the railroad strike threat. Under prodding from Presi- dent Johnson, rail management and union officials compromised a stubborn disagreement over work rules. Congress reluctantly intervened last summer In a phase of the dispute Involving locomotive firemen, decreeing ar- bitration, but other aspects of the controversy festered on.

    Laid aside finally was the pos- sibility of a coost-to-coast roll tie-up that the President said would have idled six million workers, cut back the gross na- tional product 13 per cent and forced, a general price rise.

    The economy, In the 38th month of the longest postwar upswing, is likely to have reeled downhill. A second fruit of the settle- ment was a recognition that even extremely bitter conflicts Involving abolition of many Jobs can be made to yield to collective bargaining.

    Adjustment of the dispute ap- peared to be on grounds a Uttle closer to the original union po- sition than management's.

    By one reckoning, the rail- roads will gradually realize about million dollars a year of the million dollar reduction they sought In payment made for services they said were unneeded or not rendered.

    On the other hand, the overall settlement eventually will cost the unions elimination of 30, or more Jobs provided under ex lstlng rules. About , men are employed on major railroals. Overshadowed by the dramatic White House announcement of the rail accord was a swelling stream of handsome reports by businesses on first-quarter prof- Its: Humming auto assembly lines brought production for the year so far to Just short of 2.

    April 25 — A mine exploded Saturday near Dhala, close to the Yemen border. It killed one British officer and wounded two others. Two Arab soldiers traveling in the vehicle were also wounded. But months after Marls led police to the gang's lonely hide: This will be paid In full only after the loot Is recovered and the case Is closed. Marls and others who have helped along the way are In lor a long wu.

    Fourteen men have been Jailed for terms totaling more than years. The thieves have been stripped of much of their glamor and the English courts have shown their determination to stamp out blg-tlme crime by the sternest measures at their dis- posal. The raid last August on the night mall train hurtling through sleepy Buckinghamshire en route from Scotland to London pro- duced one lasting tragedy. Engine driver Jack Mills, 57, was badly beaten around the head.

    Leniency would be a positively evil thing. Five others drew terms of up to 25 years, while two more men were Jailed for shorter periods at a later trial on receiving- charges. The main trial exposed the gang not as talented amateurs — the sort of people Britons often appreciate — but as hardened crooks. Ony- two of the 12 —. The" convicted train robbers, took their secrets to prison r wlt: Jti wltfi" rls Key bre search for tho remnants of the gang and the hidden loot.

    The farmhouse, windows had been blacked out- Marls told tne police of Mis suspicions and they swooped. The" gang had fled but the farmhouse was covered with finger and palm prints that Jed to several arrests. At all drug stores. OO 33c CUP - 1. Because of the confidence you placed in us, we were able to win in national competition with all the Maico dealers! Please feel free to contact us at Maico with any questions or problems regarding your hearing aid needs.

    We wijl be looking forward to seeing you in tjje not too distant future and to serving you for many years to come. Bho wai reelected four times, serving from to Kenworthy was riven special recognition at the Country Wom- an's club 50th birthday anniversary party held at the home of Mrs. The group's birthday cake was decorated with roses and silver leaves and was centered on the refreshment table.

    A scrapbeek was displayed at the party containing a list of all past presidents, photographs, clippings and a complete list of all members belonging to the group the past 50 years. All yeaf books ever compiled by the group also were displayed. Allen, left, and Mrs.

    MeClaln both served as presidents of lb group and always have been active members. Uba AUen, Twin Falls. Birdella McClain, as she reviewed the history of the Country Woman's!

    Memories, almost forgotten, were brought into focus as Mrs. McClain, as- sisted by Mrs. Nora Lewis, related the happenings of the past 60" years. A large photograph of Mrs. Carrie Harp- er White, who organized the club April 16, , and was the first president, was displayed during the program. This group was meeting even before 1Q14 Aa pnrly ah a group of wom- en west of Twin Falls was meeting semi-monthly to study Sunday school lessons.

    The club movement grew on the tract and in this class was re- organized and the name Country Wom- an's club adopted. White was elected the first president and was reelected four times, serving from to Members were very surprised as Mrs. McClain displayed all the year books ever compiled by the club. Glancing through these year books showed that the club always has taken a deep interest in all public questions and has taken an active part in all charitable and philanthropic work.

    Further study of the year books showed that in August, , the Coun- try Woman's club joined the rural fed- eration as a charter member and in April, , the group- joined the state federation. In the club voted to suspend in- dividual membership and to join 'the state and district through the rural federation. Delegates then would be sent to the conventions in turn by the various clubs. Times- Home improvement programs by the county home demonstration agent were used beginning in McClain, as she remem- bered how club work was discontinued during World war I and the time spent in Red Cross and relief work, with many extra meetings being held for this.

    Through the years the club made r garments for the Boise Ch il- dren's home. This group joined witTP the federation in donations and gifts for foreign countries. The club is pro- viding used clothing for needy school children, distributed by the local at- tendance officer. Welfare work for included boxes of fruit and clothing to the Boise Children's home and cash donations to the Cancer fund and Idaho Youth ranch. In June, , members voted to re- sign from the general state and dis- trict federation.

    Members of the group thought they could not continue with the expanding federation programs. This was with regret by members, is they felt the federation was doing a great work and they were glad to con- tribute and be a part of the organiia- tion. In reminiscing of the birthday an- niversary observances, Mrs.

    A scrapbook was displayed contain- ing a list of all past presidents, photos, clippings and a complete list of all members belonging to the group the past 50 years.

    The scrapbook showed some of the annual events sponsored by the group, including Garden day, annual lunch- eons, club dinners for husbands ana guest days. Educational programs in- cluded history of our country, state and foreign possessions, study of depart- mental club work as outlined by me federation and book reviews.

    We are not able to take part m activities of the club as we once aw. Nevada Dowd, Mrfc Mrs. A Fauchner, Boise; Mrs. George Klein Orangevllle, and Mrs. Perry Dodds, editor of the Idaho Register, will speak it 3: The unit president's class of In Btructlon" will be held at 8: Pontifical low mass will be held at 10 a.

    Brunch will be served at the Rogerson hotel at The general session will be held at 3 p-m. Nell Clabby, Welser, moderator, and Mrs. George Keller, Idaho Falls; Mrs. Ralph pettlnger, Emmett; Mrs. Sullivan, Mountain Home; Mrs. Martin Hoebelhelnrloh, Rupert; Mrs.

    Nell Sweeney, Lewlston; Mrs. Herbert Erlckson, Coeur d'- Alene; Mrs. Oeorge Zeller, Wal- lace, and Mrs. Echevarrla, chaplain, New- man foundation, Idaho State university. Dinner will be served at 8: A spe- cial address will be given by Bishop Trelnen. A bishop's re- ception will be held at 8 pm. Mass, for deceased members of ICCW, and a buffet breakfast will be held at 8 a. Ed- ward's school auditorium.

    The business meeting will begin at 9: The mother of the year presentation will be given. Walsh, diocesan director, will give the address. Closing remarks will be given by Bishop Trelnen. Fashions were furnished by the J. Penney company and mod- eled by senior high school girls. Louise Kinney Is president and Mrs. OUle Scholes Is secretary- treasurer. Financial reports were given and plana were made for members going to Portland for the national convention.

    Refreshments were served by the cooks from the Blckel school. The next meeting will be a din- ner meeting May 18 at Kay's Supper club. Officers will be In- stalled. Innum- erable blends of miracle fiber T U h natural fibers. Which nap on a car- et Is best? The choice Is yours. Make one of our carpets the firm foun- dation for your decorating ttheme. Gordon Tobln, left, outgoing worthy matron, to Mr. William Orange, newly installed worthy patron and matron of Magie chapter.

    William Grange were Installed worthy patron and matron for Magic chapter No. Other officers Installed Include Mrs. Floyd Pollard, treasurer; Mrs. Normnn Webb, conductress; Mrs. Howard Ehresman, associate conductress: Donald Brown, chaplain; Mrs.

    Donald Sonlus, marshal; Mrs. Edna Fonda, or- ganist; Mrs. Robert Black, Adah; Mrs. Barbara Nyblad, Ruth; Mrs. Al Ourley, Esther; Mrs. Ireta Irvine, past grand lecturer of Utah, Lynds chapter No.

    Salt Lake City, was grand Installing officer. She was assisted by Mrs. James Catterson, past matron, Magic chapter No. Helen Wilson, asso- ciate grand matron, grand chap- ter of Utah. Utah, grand In- stalling chaplain; Mrs. Oucsts Introduced Include Mrs. Ireta Irvine, past grand lecturer of Utah, Lynda chapter No.

    Job's Daughters; Iris Good. Iowa; Lou ella Sherer. Swedenbarg, Salt Lake City. Refreshments were served by Mrs. David McClusky, co-chair- man; Mrs.

    Larled Jen kins, Mrs. Margar- ette Knull and Mr. High scores for women went to Mrs. Vance Pulsipher, first; Mrs. Berkley Griggs, second, and Mrs Ed Churchman, third. It was established that particular mine dumps throughout the entire test area can be detected and identified.

    It was also established that patterns of vegetative growth on the mine dumps can be recognized from a simple visual analysis of photographic images. Because vegetation tends to occur in patches on many mine dumps , it is unsatisfactory to classify complete dumps into categories of percentage vegetative cover.

    A more desirable approach is to classify the patches of vegetation themselves. The coarse resolution of conventional densitometers restricts the accuracy of this procedure, and consequently a direct analysis of ERTS CCT's is preferred. A set of computer programs was written to perform the data reading and manipulating functions required for basic CCT analysis. This paper contains the design of the beam dump for the ITER edge Thomson scattering system and mainly concerns its lifetime under the harsh thermal and electromagnetic loads as well as tight space allocation.

    The lifetime was estimated from the multi-pulse laser-induced damage threshold. In order to extend its lifetime, the structure of the beam dump was optimized. A number of bent sheets aligned parallel in the beam dump form a shape called a chevron which enables it to avoid the concentration of the incident laser pulse energy. Structural analysis was also carried out in case of electromagnetic loads during a disruption. Moreover, detailed issues for more accurate assessments of the beam dump 's lifetime are clarified.

    Variation of the bi-directional reflection distribution function BRDF due to erosion by or contamination of neutral particles derived from the plasma is one of the most critical issues that needs to be resolved. In this paper, the BRDF was assumed, and the total amount of stray light and the absorbed laser energy profile on the beam dump were evaluated.

    The chevron beam dump is expected to withstand thermal loads due to nuclear heating, radiation from the plasma, and numerous incident laser pulses throughout the entire ITER project with a reasonable margin for the peak factor of the beam profile. Modelling reactive transport in a phosphogypsum dump , Venezia, Italia. We develop a reactive-transport porous media flow model for a phosphogypsum dump located on the intertidal deposits of the Venetian Lagoon: The model includes 3 different dump materials phosphogypsum, bituminous and hazardous wastes with the pores saturated by specific fluids.

    The sediments below the dump are formed by an intertidal sequence of calcareous sands and silts, in addition to clays and organic deposits, all of which are initially saturated with lagoon salty waters. The recharge rain-water dilutes the dump fluids. In turn, the percolates from the dump react with the underlying sediments and the sea water that saturates them.

    Simulation results have been compared with chemical sampled analyses. In fact, in spite of the simplicity of our model we are able to show how the pH becomes neutral at a short distance below the dump , a fact observed during aquifer monitoring.

    The spatial and temporal evolution of dissolution and precipitation reactions occur in our model much alike reality. Mobility of some elements, such as divalent iron, are reduced by specific and concurrent conditions of pH from near-neutrality to moderately high values and positive redox potential; opposite conditions favour mobility of potentially toxic metals such as Cr, As Cd and Pb.

    Vertical movement are predominant. Trend should be therefore heavily influenced by pH and Eh values. If conditions are favourable to mobility, concentration of these substances in the bottom strata could be high.

    However, simulation suggest that the sediments tend to reduce the transport potential of. Neutral beam dump with cathodic arc titanium gettering.

    An incomplete neutral beam capture can degrade the plasma performance in neutral beam driven plasma machines. The beam dumps mitigating the shine-through beam recycling must entrap and retain large particle loads while maintaining the beam-exposed surfaces clean of the residual impurities. The cathodic arc gettering, which provides high evaporation rate coupled with a fast time response, is a powerful and versatile technique for depositing clean getter films in vacuum.

    A compact neutral beam dump utilizing the titanium arc gettering was developed for a field-reversed configuration plasma sustained by 1 MW, keV neutral hydrogen beams.

    The beam dump is capable of handling large pulsed gas loads, has a high sorption capacity, and is robust and reliable. The use of the beam dump allows us to significantly reduce the recycling of the shine-through neutral beam as well as to improve the vacuum conditions in the machine.

    Serious clinical and risk management problems arise when indigent patients with acute medical conditions are transferred from general medical hospitals or emergency departments to public psychiatric hospitals that are ill equipped to provide medical care. Because physicians and administrators in public psychiatric hospitals are generally not aware of the potential usefulness of COBRA in reducing dumping , this paper describes its important provisions.

    The key to preventing dumping is to educate referral sources to limitations on the medical care available at the receiving hospital and to discourage negligent patient transfers by enforcing COBRA. Public hospital staff and legal counsel who become familiar with COBRA's provisions can develop an antidumping strategy. Notes on dumping gold beam in the AGS. A review of what happened and why was given by Leif Ahrens at the Run 8 Retreat.

    The following notes trace the subsequent development of clean dumping of gold beam on the beam dump in the J10 straight. Leif Ahrens successfully commissioned the device with gold beam during Run The reader may find it helpful to first view the figures herein and then refer to the text for details.

    Heavy ion and radiation transport calculations are in progress for conceptual beam dump designs for the fragmentation line of the proposed Rare Isotope Accelerator RIA. Using the computer code PHITS, a preliminary design of a motor-driven rotating wheel beam dump and adjacent downstream multipole has been modeled. Selected results of these calculations are given, including neutron and proton flux in the wheel, absorbed dose and displacements per atom in the hub materials, and heating from prompt radiation and from decay heat in the multipole.

    Phytoremediation of spoil coal dumps in Western Donbass Ukraine. At the moment, in Ukraine about thousand hectares of fertile land are occupied by spoil dumps. Moreover, this figure increases every year. According to the technology used about m3 of adjacent stratum is dumped at the surface per every tons of coal mined. Apart from land amortization, waste dumps drastically change the natural landscape and pollute air, soil and water sources as the result of water and wind erosion, as well as self-ignition processes.

    A serious concern exists with respect to the Western Donbass coal mining region in Ukraine, where the coal extraction is made by the subsurface way and solid wastes are represented by both spoil dumps and wastes after coal processing. The oxidation of pyrite with the presence of oxygen and water is accompanied by a sharp drop in the pH from the surface layer to the spoil dumps from 5. Low pH generates the transformation of a number of toxic metals and other elementspresent in waste rock e.

    To stabilize and reduce metal mobility the most resistant plants that occur naturally in specified ecosystems can be used.

    On coal spoil dumpsin Western Donbas the dominant species are Bromopsis inermis, subdominant Artemisia austriaca; widespread are also Festucas pp. Identification of plants tolerant to target metals is a key issue in phytotechnology for soil restoration. It is hypothesized that naturally occurring plants growing on coal spoil dumps can be candidates for phytostabilization, phytoextraction phytoaccumulation and phytomining.

    Health risk reduction behaviors model for scavengers exposed to solid waste in municipal dump sites in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of comprehensive health risk protection behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, and practices among scavengers in open dump sites.

    A control group of 44 scavengers and an intervention group of 44 scavengers participated in this study. Interventions included the use of personal protective equipment, health protection training, and other measures. The analysis showed significant differences before and after the intervention program and also between the control and intervention groups. These observations suggest that further action should be taken to reduce adverse exposure during waste collection.

    To reduce health hazards to workers, dump site scavenging should be incorporated into the formal sector program. Solid waste and the management of municipal solid waste has become a human and environmental health issue and future research should look at constructing a sustainable model to help protect the health of scavengers and drive authorities to adopt safer management techniques.

    Satisfying operational procedures and limits for the beam target interface is a critical concern for high power operation at spallation neutron sources. The high power beam dump typically handles up to 50 kW of beam power and its setup is complicated by the fact that there are two separate beam components simultaneously directed to the dump.

    Setup techniques using beam measurements to quantify the beam parameters at the target and dump will be described. However, not all the instrumentation used for the setup and initial qualification is available during high power operation. Additional techniques are used to monitor the beam during high power operation to ensure the setup conditions are maintained, and these are also described.

    Bounds on light gluinos from the BEBC beam dump experiment. Observational upper limits on anomalous neutral-current events in a proton beam dump experiment are used to constrain the possible hadroproduction and decay of light gluinos. The OECD consultation and surveillance mechanism is discussed in detail in this article.

    Four phases are identified and examined: This system is designed to provide the safest possible conditions for sea dumping of radioactive wastes. The evidence of toxic wastes dumping in Campania, Italy. The region of Campania particularly Naples and Caserta were subjected to extensive illegal dumping operations of toxic and radioactive wastes since the s.

    The highly toxic wastes HTW dumping operations that have taken place both along the coast and the hinterland, have extremely adverse effects on health, livelihoods and the future prospect of sustainable development of the local population.

    The toxic wastes dumping in Campania is real and it has compromised irreversibly the human health, natural environment, food security and the long-term development prospects of the affected population. To reverse this tragic trend, it is necessery the identification, isolation and reclamation of the polluted sites and full assessment of the nature and the scale of the polluting chemicals and other hazardous wastes. The purpose of this review is to contribute significantly to the available evidence of the long-running toxic waste dumping in Campania and its negative impact on the health of population.

    The product contact surfaces of dump hoppers, screens, mixers and conveyors which are used in the process of transferring dry Identification and analysis the illegal dumping spot of solid waste at Ciliwung segment 5 riverbanks. Ciliwung River is the main river in the area of Jakarta that is divided into six segments across West Java and Jakarta.

    The study focuses on the fifth segment which is 30 km long, covering from Kelapa Dua Depok to Manggarai, South Jakarta. The survey of the river consists of 3 sub-segments: Lenteng Agung, Pejaten Timur and Manggarai.

    Objectives of the study are to describe the characteristics and typology of the residential surrounding the Ciliwung Segment 5 Riverbank, to identification the illegal dumping spot of solid waste, to measure the volume and composition of solid waste in the riverbank, to decide solid waste management for residential area surrounding river banks to control the river pollution. The study shows that there are 11 illegal dumping spot of solid waste consisting of 4.

    To control the river pollution efforts are restoring the function of riverbanks to become green open space area, installing the trash rack into the river, to manage domestic solid waste based on 3R Reduce, Reuse, Recycle concept. Assessing pollutions of soil and plant by municipal waste dump.

    Research is few in the literature regarding the investigation and assessment of pollutions of soil and plant by municipal waste dumps. Based upon previous work in seven waste dumping sites nonsanitary landfills in Beijing, Shanghai and Shijiazhuang, this study expounds the investigation and assessment method and report major pollutants.

    Using relative background values, this study assesses soil pollution degree in the seven dumping sites. Furthermore, using relative background values and hygiene standards of food and vegetable this study assesses the pollutions of different parts of reed, sorghum, watermelon and sweet-melon. As, Hg, Pb and F have far exceeded standard values, e. Sea- dumped chemical weapons: Chemical weapons dumped into the ocean for disposal in the twentieth century pose a continuing environmental and human health risk.

    In this review we discuss locations, quantity, and types of sea- dumped chemical weapons, related environmental concerns, and human encounters with sea- dumped chemical weapons. We utilized the Ovid http: The searches returned articles. Irrelevant and non-English articles were excluded. A review of the references for these articles yielded additional relevant sources, with a total of 64 peer-reviewed articles cited in this paper.

    History and geography of chemical weapons dumping at sea: Hundreds of thousands of tons of chemical munitions were disposed off at sea following World War II. European, Russian, Japanese, and United States coasts are the areas most affected worldwide. Several areas in the Baltic and North Seas suffered concentrated large levels of dumping , and these appear to be the world's most studied chemical warfare agent marine dumping areas.

    Sulfur mustard, Lewisite, and the nerve agents appear to be the chemical warfare agents most frequently disposed off at sea. Multiple other type of agents including organoarsenicals, blood agents, choking agents, and lacrimators were dumped at sea, although in lesser volumes. Numerous geohydrologic variables contribute to the rate of release of chemical agents from their original casings, leading to difficult and inexact modeling of risk of release into seawater.

    Sulfur mustard and the organoarsenicals are the most environmentally persistent dumped chemical agents. Sulfur mustard in particular has a propensity to form a solid or semi-solid lump with a polymer coating of breakdown products, and can persist in this state on the ocean floor.

    RF-driven ion source with a back-streaming electron dump. A novel ion source is described having an improved lifetime. The ion source, in one embodiment, is a proton source, including an external RF antenna mounted to an RF window. To prevent backstreaming electrons formed in the beam column from striking the RF window, a back streaming electron dump is provided, which in one embodiment is formed of a cylindrical tube, open at one end to the ion source chamber and capped at its other end by a metal plug.

    Dumping of auroral kilometric radiation caused by HF heating facility. During the selected event the satellite crossed magnetic flux tube with a footprint at the ionosphere above heater. It was found significant dumping of AKR few minutes after the pumping was switched on. The most prominent dumping was detected at high frequency AKR kHz which were emitted at the height of thousands km. Two possible mechanisms of this phenomenon are discussed: Modeling of air pollution from the power plant ash dumps.

    A simple model of air pollution from power plant ash dumps is presented, with emission rates calculated from the Bagnold formula and transport simulated by the ATDL type model. Moisture effects are accounted for by assumption that there is no pollution on rain days.

    Annual mean daily sedimentation rates, calculated for the area around the 'Nikola Tesla' power plants near Belgrade for , show reasonably good agreement with observations.

    Possible criticality of marine reactors dumped in the Kara Sea. The largest inventory of radioactive materials dumped in the Kara Sea by the former Soviet Union comes from the spent nuclear fuel SNF of seven marine reactors. Although remote, the possibility cannot at this stage be ruled out. Resonant production of dark photons in positron beam dump experiments.

    We explore the foreseeable sensitivity of the Frascati PADME experiment in searching with this technique for the 17 MeV dark photon invoked to explain the Be 8 anomaly in nuclear transitions. The Idaho National Laboratory: An Historical Trash Trove Historians and archaeologists love trash, the older the better.

    Sometimes these researchers find their passion in unexpected places. In this presentation, the treasures found in a large historic dump that lies relatively untouched in the middle of the Idaho National Laboratory INL will be described.

    Thanks to priceless stories, hours of research, and the ability to read the language of historic artifacts, the dump was turned from just another trash heap into a treasure trove of s memorabilia.

    Such studies of American material culture serve to fire our imaginations, enrich our understanding of past practices, and humanize history.

    Historical archaeology provides opportunities to integrate inanimate objects with animated narrative and, the more recent the artifacts, the more human the stories they can tell. Influence of coal ash and slag dumping on dump waste waters of the Kostolac power plants Serbia. The content of selected trace and major elements in the river water used for transport, as well as in the subcategories of the waste waters overflow and drainage were analyzed in order to establish the influence of transport and dumping of coal ash and slag from the 'Kostolac A' and 'Kostolac B' power plants located km from Belgrade Serbia.

    There is also an equilibrium between the release and adsorption processes of copper and magnesium during transport. The vertical penetration of the water used for transport results in a release of calcium, magnesium, manganese, and cadmium to the environment, while iron, nickel, zinc, chromium, copper, lead, vanadium, titanium, cobalt, and arsenic are adsorbed by the fractions of coal ash and slag in the dump.

    Can soda ash dumping grounds provide replacement habitats for digger wasps Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Spheciformes? Background Published sources document a loss of biodiversity at an extreme rate, mainly because natural and semi-natural ecosystems are becoming fragmented and isolated, thus losing their biological functions. These changes significantly influence biological diversity, which is a complex phenomenon that changes over time.

    Contemporary ecologists must therefore draw attention to anthropogenic replacement habitats and increase their conservation status. In our studies we show the positive role of soda ash dumping grounds as an alternative habitat for digger wasps, especially the thermophilic species. We demonstrated that these areas serve as replacement habitats for thermophilic species of Spheciformes and, indirectly, for their potential prey.

    The studies were conducted in three microhabitat types, varying in soil moisture, salinity and alkalinity, that were changing in the course of ecological succession.

    We trapped specimens belonging to 64 species of digger wasps. The obtained results suggest that the stage of succession determines the richness, abundance and diversity of Spheciformes. The most favorable conditions for digger wasps were observed in habitats at late successional stages. We showed that some types of industry might play a positive role in the preservation of taxa in the landscape, and that even degraded industrial wasteland can replace habitats under anthropopressure, serving as refugia of biological diversity, especially for disturbance-dependent species.

    Published sources document a loss of biodiversity at an extreme rate, mainly because natural and semi-natural ecosystems are becoming fragmented and isolated, thus losing their biological functions.

    In the years we carried out investigations in postindustrial soda ash dumping grounds located in Central Poland. Our results clearly showed that these habitats were replacement habitats for thermophilous Spheciformes, including rare taxa that require genetic, species and ecosystem protection, according to the Biodiversity Convention.

    The uninsured and patient dumping: This article discusses the uninsured population and the phenomenon known as "patient dumping "--the transfer of a patient from one hospital typically a private hospital to a public hospital because of the patient's lack of insurance or inability to pay. The uninsured are the most vulnerable to patient dumping. The growth of patient dumping , a profile of the uninsured who are most likely to be a minority, and an analysis of federal and state policy responses to patient dumping are all discussed.

    The need for reform of the American health care system is highlighted and the Canadian health system is suggested as an alternative model. Their actual position is unknown, and pollution originating from corroded munitions is only roughly estimated.

    Several research projects were devoted to evaluate the magnitude of the problem. During three international projects, roughly km2 were surveyed, and more than ROV missions were performed to investigate found objects.

    Results suggest that munitions containing CWAs are more scattered on the seafloor than suspected, and previously undocumented dumpsite was discovered in Gdansk Deep. Chemical Warfare Agents CWA degradation products were found in the sediments in immediate vicinity of the objects, and sediment pollution was observed even at 40m distance. Analysis of CWA degradation products in the sediments showed widespread contamination in Bornholm Deep area, and more variable pattern of local hotspots in the Gotland and Gdansk Deeps.

    The latter seem to contain several contaminated areas, which identifies it rather as an unofficial dumping ground than only containing munitions originating from en-route dumping. Bottom currents observed in the dumpsites were strong enough for sediment re-suspension, and contributed to the transport of polluted sediments. Spreading of CWA was modelled using POP3 hydrodynamic model augmented with sediment erosion and benthic boundary layer modules.

    It follows from the models, that depending on wind conditions, resuspended contaminated sediemnts may remain in the water column for several days up to few weeks, and be transported over the distances up to 15 km. Biomarkers of environmental stress were measured in fish from the dumpsites and caged mussels, and indicated environmental stress in organisms from dumpsites as compared to control. Toxicity of found CWA degradation products was examined in laboratory studies. Nonetheless, both species showed significantly elevated molecular and cellular level responses at.

    Radioactive contamination from dumped nuclear waste in the Kara Sea--results from the joint Russian-Norwegian expeditions in Russian-Norwegian expeditions to the Kara Sea and to dumping sites in the fjords of Novaya Zemlya have taken place annually since In the fjords, dumped objects were localised with sonar and ROV equipped with underwater camera.

    Enhanced levels of Cs, 60Co, 90Sr and ,Pu in sediments close to dumped containers in the Abrosimov and Stepovogo fjords demonstrated that leaching from dumped material has taken place. The contamination was inhomogeneously distributed and radioactive particles were identified in the upper 10 cm of the sediments. The contamination was less pronounced in the areas where objects presumed to be reactor compartments were located.

    The enhanced level of radionuclides observed in sediments close to the submarine in Stepovogo fjord in could, however, not be confirmed in Otherwise, traces of 60Co in sediments were observed in the close vicinity of all localised objects. Thus, the general level of radionuclides in waters, sediments and biota in the fjords is, somewhat higher or similar to that of the open Kara Sea, i.

    The main sources contributing to radioactive contamination were global fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapon tests, river transport from Ob and Yenisey, marine transport of discharges from Sellafield, UK and fallout from Chernobyl. Thus, the radiological impact to man and the arctic environment of the observed leakages from dumped radioactive waste today, is considered to be low.

    Assuming all radionuclides are released from the waste, preliminary assessments indicate a collective dose to the world population of less than 50 man Sv. Advanced emergency openings for commercial aircraft. Explosively actuated openings in composite panels are proposed to enhance passenger survivability within commercial aircraft by providing improvements in emergency openings , fuselage venting, and fuel dump. The concept is to embed a tiny, highly stable explosive cord in the periphery of a load-carrying composite panel; on initiation of the cord, the panel is fractured to create a well-defined opening.

    The panel would be installed in the sides of the fuselage for passenger egress, in the top of the fuselage for smoke venting, and in the bottoms of the fuel cells for fuel dump. Described are the concerns with the use of explosive systems, safety improvements, advantages, experimental results, and recommended approach to gain acceptance and develop this concept.

    While past work calculated neutron fluences for a grazing incidence metal mirror GIMM and a final focus mirror, scattering off of the final optical component was not included, and thus, fluences in the final focus mirror were significantly underestimated. In addition, past work did not consider neutron-induced gamma-rays. The GIMMs are replaced with transmissive fused silica wedges and have been included in three -dimensional neutron and photon transport calculations. This work shows that a power plant with a large open solid-angle fraction, needed for beam smoothing with a DPSSL, is acceptable from tritium breeding, and neutron activation points-of-view.

    Dumping and countervailing duties; action by port director. From dumping to sanitary landfills - solid waste management in Israel. To address the problem of solid waste in Israel, the Ministry of the Environment has formulated a policy based on integrated waste management. The policy calls for reduction of waste at source, reuse, recycling including composting , waste-to-energy technologies, and landfilling. Wheel slip dump valve for railway braking system.

    As we all know, pneumatic braking system plays an important role in the safety of the whole vehicle. But the locking slip will happen due to the oversize of braking force or the reduction of sticking coefficient between wheel and rail.

    It will cause not only the decline of braking performance but also the increase of braking distance. In the meanwhile, it will scratch the wheel and influence the stable running of vehicles. Now, the speed of passenger vehicle has been increased. In order to shorten the braking distance as far as possible, sticking stickiness must be fully applied. So the occurrence probability of wheel slip is increased.

    The required simulations of the electron beam interactions for the design of electron beam dump unit for an accelerator which will operate to get two Infra-Red Free Electron Lasers IR-FEL covering the range of microns is presented in this work.

    A Lead shielding also designed around the dump core to prevent the leakage out of the all the emitted secondary radiations, e. The necessary dump material requirements, for the overall design considerations and the possible radiation originated effects on the dump unit, are discussed and presented.

    The negative consequences of mining of the black coal is occurrence of extractive waste storage locations - mining dumps. The mining activities carried out within the area of Ostrava are responsible for at least six mine dumps of loose materials arising as wastes from mining of mineral resources, many of which show presence of thermal processes. The thermal activity in dumps is responsible for many hazardous substances that pollute the environment and harm human health in the surroundings.

    This paper deals with the results of the first phase of project CZ. As a first studied thermally active dump was a Hedvika dump. To localize of hot spots with hot gas emission was used a thermovision scanning by drone. The place with high temperature The pollutants were determined in five sampling points during two measurements executed from July to August Illegal dumping of solid waste not only affecting the environment but also social life of communities, hence authorities should have an effective system to cater this problem.

    Malaysia is experiencing extensive physical developments and this has led to an increase of construction waste illegal dumping. However, due to the lack of proper data collection, the actual figure for construction waste illegal dumping in Malaysia are not available. Information of the dumped waste such as coordinate, photos, types of material and quantity of waste were gathered manually through site observation for three months period.

    For quantifying the dumped waste, two methods were used which are the first method is based on shape of the waste pyramids or squares while the second method is based weighing approach. All information regarding the waste was assigned to the GIS for the mapping process. Results indicated a total of 12 types of construction waste which are concrete, tiles, wood, gypsum board, mixed construction waste, brick and concrete, bricks, sand, iron, glass, pavement and tiles, and concrete at 64 points locations of illegal dumping on construction waste in Kluang.

    These wastes were accounted to an estimated volume of Hopefully, this established map will assist Kluang authority to improve their solid waste management system in Kluang.

    Environmental impact assessment of sediment dumping in the southern Baltic Sea using meiofaunal indicators. An experimental sediment dumping was carried out in the southern part of the Mecklenburg Bight in June Foraminiferans and ostracods from superficial sandy sediment were studied in a time series from before dumping until March in order to assess changes in associations and recolonization patterns of both groups.

    Additionally, an area sampling covering the dumping site and its surroundings from Salinity values vary within the high alpha-mesohaline and low polyhaline range. The dominating species are Ammotium cassis Foraminifera and Sarsicytheridea bradii Ostracoda. The diversity is low Fisher alpha index from 0. These higher values are explainable by input of allochthonous tests and valves representing additional species.

    Total foraminiferan abundance increases remarkably with water depth mean 83 tests in ml driven by higher nutrient availability and more suitable salinity and temperature values within the zone of the oscillating halocline. The distribution of shallow water species such as Cribroelphidium excavatum, Eucythere argus and Hirschmannia viridis, within the transient water layer A.

    Water depth and sediment dumping influence are the main driving factors for the distribution of foraminifer and ostracod associations within the study area. However, a significant sedimentological difference between samples inside and outside the dumping area is. System for collecting products dumped on the surface of a mass of water. A system for collecting products dumped on the surface of a mass of water includes cages to be arranged at the sides of a tanker.

    Each cage is preferably prismatic in shape. The height of the cages is such that when the tanker is at ballast, the lower parts of the cages will be submerged while the upper parts will be above the maximum loading line of the tanker. The cages are fastened to the sides of the tanker by freely rotating connection points. The complete face of each suction pump inlet member, which is oriented in the direction of travel of the tanker, is provided with an opening which has a height such that the lower edge thereof will be positioned below the floating line of the suction pumps at an approximate depth of 0.

    A feedback free fluidic oscillator was designed and integrated into a single element rocket combustor with the goal of suppressing longitudinal combustion instabilities. The fluidic oscillator uses internal fluid dynamics to create an unsteady outlet jet at a specific frequency. An array of nine fluidic oscillators was tested to mimic modulated secondary oxidizer injection into the combustor dump plane. A sonic choke plate on an actuator arm allows for continuous adjustment of the oxidizer post acoustics enabling the study of a variety of instability magnitudes.

    The fluidic oscillator unsteady outlet jet performance is compared against equivalent steady jet injection and a baseline design with no secondary oxidizer injection. Additionally, computational fluid dynamics analysis of the combustor gives insight into the flow field interaction of the fluidic oscillators.

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